Best Pals No Matter What review

My Thoughts on Best Pals
My daughter and I have tea parties together often. It is very fun to gather up her stuffed animals and dress up to have mommy daughter time while drinking tea and eating cookies.
But, Where can you find the most perfect items for your tea party? I can tell you!! Best Pals! Best Pals has cute rag dolls, tea sets, and music CD’s. But that’s not all! Best Pals is made to match your child. Would you like a little blonde doll, brunette, or a multicultural? Best Pals has dolls for everyone! Even a little doll named Danny for the boys! I love that my daughter can play with a doll that matches her.
Best Pals also goes back to the nice and simple things in life. The dolls are perfect for any age and have no small parts that can come off easily. I love the baseness of the dolls as well as the tea set because to me it allows for more imagination. Not looking to have a tea part? Best Pals sells changes of clothes, paper dolls, Tote bag, and even Holiday decorations to go along with your Best Pal!
Best Pals were created by Kathy and Janet Lennon. Based off of the dolls they received from their Grandmother in 1949. Kathy and Janet always knew that they later wanted to create something soft and special for other little ones to hold onto and create memories with! Kathy and Janet Lennon are also the singers on the CD’s that can be purchased! How cool is that?   
      Picture above is Kathy and Janet with their Best Pals
Ashes Thougths
(age 5)
I like to invite my favorite toys to a tea party. I love to run and then sit in my chair and eat cookies and drink tea. I love having my best pals to my tea party. They are so soft and cute. I also like my tea set. Mom says I can only play with it when she helps me because she does not want me to lose the different cups and stuff. Bye I am going to go have a tea party right now!
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I was sent a product for purpose of my review. All thoughts are my own and may vary from others. All imiges were taken from Best Pals website.

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