Baby GoGo Review


My Thoughts on Baby GoGo
As a child I received a new baby doll every year for Christmas and that is a tradition I am proud to continue now that I have a daughter of my own. This year it will be with Baby GoGo. Baby GoGo is a baby doll with a new look. What’s new you ask? Well the color choices make it gender natural. Baby GoGo will be the perfect little doll for your children to imagine with. They can imitate your movements as a parent to teach them the keys they will need to make good parents themselves one day. Baby GoGo can be especially fun for a child who is getting ready to be a Big Brother or Sister! Baby GoGo goes back to the basics! Which I love! With a nice soft body and eyes that close when you lay it down! My daughter loves to tuck her baby dolls in to her baby cradle at night and she is thrilled with the closing eyes! There are also many accessories you can purchase to go along with your Baby GoGo! From a Diaper Bag to a Moses Bed, Baby GoGo will have everything your child needs for their little imagination!
Ashes Thoughts
(age 5)
I like Baby GoGo. I love to tuck my baby into the cradle next to my bed. I even ask my mom to baby sit my baby when I am at school. The baby is soft and when it lays down then that is when the eyes close. I like the color orange and that is what color my baby’s clothes are. I can even put my baby into the car seat with me and a lady at the store thought it was cute when she seen it outside. I wish my baby could go to school with me but mom says that I have to keep her at home.
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I was sent a Baby GoGo for purpose of my review. All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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