Did You Know? Halloween Trivia by Margo Smith

Did You Know? Halloween Trivia Questions and Answers
So much mystery surrounds the holiday that we call Halloween that maybe you would like to separate out some facts about this ghostly celebration. Keep reading and you will learn plenty of facts to satisfy your curiosity about this popular October holiday.  Test your Halloween knowledge with the following questions, and don’t worry, the answers are included.
Q. Do you know how we came to celebrate Halloween in the U.S.?
A. It came to North America via European immigrants who would make merry at harvest time with a large fire, songs, ghostly stories, dances and more.
Q. How much do Americans spend annually for candy for this sweet and spooky holiday?
A. At least 2 billion
This question has 2 parts, and each question has the same answer:
Q. Do you know what the most popular costume of all time is?
Q. Do you know what count had a society founded for him in 1962?
A. Dracula
Q. Do you know what the very first jack-o-lanterns were made from?
A. Turnips
Q. What is your estimate of how many Americans decorate for this holiday?
A. 86%
Q. Why do are orange and black uses as the representative colors for this holiday?
A. Autumn is a time of transformation, so orange is for the harvest of crops during this season, while black is for the death of things that occurs this time of year.
Q. Do you know how big the largest pumpkin on record is?
A. It was an enormous 1,469 pounds. This record was set in 2005.
Q. Do you know what the most popular candy purchased for trick-or-treaters is today?
A. Snickers
Q. Do you know what the very first individually wrapped candy was?
A. Tootsie Rolls
Q. What is it called when people have a huge fear of Halloween?
A. Samhainophobia
Q. How much can you win just for growing the biggest pumpkin and entering it in a contest?
A. $25,000
There, now you know all sorts of stuff about Halloween. Impress your friends with your knowledge or use these questions as a game at your next Halloween bash. Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy this holiday.
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