KT Tunstall’s Tiger Suit Review

My Thoughts on KT Tunstall Tiger Suit
Now I must be honest and say before being offered to review KT Tunstall’s new CD I had not heard of her. Okay at least I thought I had not. But, then I had a friend stop by and sing one of KT’s songs and I did recognize it. But, as far as anything else about her I did not know anything. KT was nominated for a Grammy with her song “Black Horse and A Cherry Tree.” And has other hits such as “Suddenly I See,” “Other Side of The World,” and “Hold On.” KT Tunstall was born in Scotland and just recently released her new CD titled Tiger Suit. Now you know that I always rate my music by two options. One-Music for cleaning my house or number two- Music for relaxing. KT Tunstall’s CD was really not suitable for either category. I felt that her music was a little harder than the typical CD’s that I buy. Not that it is heavy rock or anything but it was really not a dancing type of beat and was defiantly not a relaxing type of beat. But I really enjoyed the music and next time I am in one of my burning off steam type of moods I will for sure pop this CD in! I like the flow of KT’s voice and I am glad to now know who she is. I like her music and find it very enjoyable!
Want to see KT Tunstall on tour? Well she will be on tour from 10/31-12/1
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