The Little Looster Review

My Thoughts on The Little Looster
Teaching my day care kids to be potty trained is not a fun feat. I have two little boys right now that I am working with and one thing that was hard for me is that both wanted to go potty at the same time. I only have one potty chair and was having a hard time. But that changed as soon as I received the little looster. The little looster has made it possible for one of the boys to sit on the big potty without my having to hold them up. Plus the little looster curves around and is now doubling as a stool for the bathroom sink so the children can wash their hands. This is such an amazing creation. It is easy to use and tucks back enough that it is not in the way. Plus every child in my house is getting a good use out of it which makes my life a little easier! They are able to sit more comfortably without their legs dangling down. I am no longer worried about any of the kids taking a fall from the seat and I can trust them to use the potty without me there!
Okay so do you get the point? The Little Looster is pretty amazing! It also does not slip and slide around which is also a bonus! So if you are like me and worried about the kids and the potty take a look at The Little Looster! It works great!

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