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Getting to know summerruby86‏
Where are you from? and a little bit about you
I grew up in a town east of Baltimore, Maryland. I am a student at Towson University majoring in Elementary Education, although I have been looking at a minor in an art, I just haven’t figured out which medium I would like to take focus of. I’m sure my story is much different then any other artist, but I love the adventure any way.
What items do you carry in your shop?
I have mainly jewelry. But I also carry business card and graphics you can get personalized. I plan on expanding into more personalized gifts.
How did you decide on your shop name?
Pretty simple actually, my birthday is in July, which is in the summer and the stone for July is Ruby :).
Do you have anything new you plan on adding to your store?

Like I mentioned before, I would like I to expand more into personalized gifts, such as college jewelry and art. Its a slow process right now because its pretty tough juggling school, a job, and finding time to create.
Do you have a blog, twitter, or facebook page?
My inspiration is like the wind, always changing directions. Sometimes it may be color combinations I see while I’m out or maybe from something I admire like an art piece, photo, or another jewelry piece.
What items in your shop do you most enjoy making and why?

Jewelry is my favorite because while there may be a huge market of other jewelry makers, every jewelry store is unique and every piece of jewelry has its own personality.
Anything else you would like us to know:I have frequent posts in my blog featuring give-aways of mine and also “Festivity Friday” where I post an activity idea, advice, budgeting, or whatever else fun… I find it, you do it!

All of the above! I update my blog the most @
What is your inspiration when making a new item?

My Thoughts
I love aqua colors. They are so very refreshing. That is what I thought of the first time I seen summerruby86’s Aqua colored beads on the beautiful necklace I reviewed.
Now one thing I always talk about with an etsy item is the craftsmanship. You all know that I pull and prod these items to make sure they will not break easily. This is the first etsy review I have ever done that the necklace is not mine to keep so with that being said I am not going to be able to tell you how well it holds up as I don’t want to accidentally break it. I will however say that it looks nicely made and sturdy. There are beautiful beads that surround a stunning center piece. The pendant dangles down and has a thin shell backing on it. Very pretty! Summerruby86 Also carries very stunning earrings and bracelets.
Stop By Summerruby86’s blog! She has a great giveaway going on!

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