Spooky Craft Projects for Kids, That Won’t Frighten Craft-phobic Parents

Spooky Craft Projects for Kids, That Won’t Frighten Craft-phobic Parents
By Sandy Sandler
Parents are you scared of Halloween crafts?  Are you afraid that you are just not crafty enough to do craft projects with your children? I have some unbelievably easy and kid friendly Halloween craft ideas for you to do together with your kids.
These adorable Halloween craft ideas are featured on the Crafters 4 Kids website, with basic step-by-step instructions that you and your children will be able to follow without any trouble.
Help your child design their own pumpkin treat bag and then let them choose whether they want to save it for trick-or-treat night or give it to someone as a gift. They’re cute enough to hang by the green pipe cleaners on a door or a wall, too.
Another adorable (*ahem* I mean scary) decoration on the Crafters 4 Kids list is a spider attached to a spider web, complete with red eyes and silvery glitter. Attach a gray pipe cleaner to the top of the web, just like the pumpkin treat bag’s green pipe cleaner, and let your kids choose a spot to hang it where everyone can see it.
These furry little goblins are made with Styrofoam balls and marabou. Top the kitchen table with a few of these little spooky goblins or let your kids play with them as their new Halloween friends.
Think ahead and wrap some candy in the middle of the firecracker and you have a great treat for trick-or-treaters or your child’s classroom.  Made as a single decoration, this little firecracker is another colorful table topper.
You don’t have to worry about elastic band masks that squish you or your kid’s face this year. This pumpkin mask is innovatively attached to a visor, which allows plenty of breathing room. It’s also made of foam, so it’s softer on the face than rubber or plastic masks.
Crafts like these create the chance to spend some quality time with your children during the Halloween season. Enjoy accomplishing a project together that can be used as decorations around the house or given to teachers or friends as a gift. Happy crafting and have a safe Halloween.
For more creative ideas, visit www.C4K555.org to download free projects at Crafters 4 Kids.
About the Author:
Sandy Sandler is founder of non-profit Crafters 4 Kids and creator of the QVC best-seller, the Bowdabra. Her frugal craft projects and activity ideas are designed to transform the creatively-challenged into creative pros. Sandy’s focus is on creative and easy projects that parents can do with their kids and that kids can even do on their own that are both frugal and green in nature. Crafters 4 Kids focuses on projects that can be done under 5 minutes and under $5. Visit www.C4K555.org. Contact Sandy at jaimevivre@mac.com

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