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Five Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online
There is a world of possibilities available for those who do their shopping online. The benefits of comparing product after product from website after website in the comfort of your own home are endless. You can coupon shop, price check and browse for hours without even breaking a sweat.
Those who don’t know how to do it right, though, can end up paying more than if they had gone out to the stores. Keep on reading to learn five ways you’re sure to get good deals when
shopping online.
1.  Online Consignment Shops
The difference between an online consignment shop and a thrift store is the fact that thrift stores take donations and leftovers while consignment shops split the profits of the goods with the person who brought it in to be sold. This means there could be some great finds and beautiful clothing at great prices in consignment shops online.
2.  Free Shipping
You don’t have to pay for shipping in a retail store and you shouldn’t have to do so online, either. A website’s overhead is far less than a brick and mortar business which means they can afford to cover the shipping costs. Many websites offer free shipping, so don’t settle for shopping anywhere that won’t cover this cost.
3.  Coupon Codes
Online stores almost always have coupon codes available on the internet. Sometimes it only takes something as simple as a Google search to pull up some discounts for various online retailers. Be sure to look for them as they can end up saving big bucks over time.
4.  Email Newsletters
We’d be willing to bet that almost every one of your favorite stores has an email newsletter they send out with information about clearance items and regular sales. Sign up and get notified via email for the next great way to save. This will keep your budget intact and your shopping habits satisfied.
5.  Shop Out of Season
Every retailer puts their end-of-season clothing on sale in order to make way for the new in-season clothing. That’s why it’s best to think ahead. At the end of summer, buy a few flip flops and tank tops to use next summer. At the end of winter, buy next year’s winter coat and boots. They’ll cost half as much as if you had gotten them in-season.
Guest Post by Sam Lloyd
Sam is a certified personal trainer, online fitness coach, self-proclaimed health fanatic, amateur bodybuilder, Jiu Jitsu enthuasiest, self-development junkie, marketing hobbyist, and all around cool dude. He has published many articles on various topics around health and fitness.

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