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About Amuse Tales
(from press release)
AmuseTales is a new, smart, and entertaining way of introducing today’s children to great, classic fairytales. They are fun to read and even more fun to listen to. We put the time-honored fairytales of long ago in the format of contemporary stories while keeping the original storyline intact. The fairytales are written in an easy to understand modern English and are embellished with colorful and fun-to-look-at illustrations.
AmuseTales are set to beautiful classical music, from the beginning of each story to its end. Each fairytale is divided into logical chapters. For each chapter, we chose a musical piece that enhances the situation, evokes the necessary emotional mood, and excites a child’s imagination. Music is not just a background for the story – it is the story’s equal partner. The musical collection consists of the most famous and exquisite music, played by the best symphony orchestras. Illustrations are done by talented artists, and stories are read by professional actors. “Our motto is – “Everything that is done for children should be as good as if it’s done for adults… only better.”
My Thoughts
I love reading stories with my daughter and the day care kids. What a fun creative way to expand their little imaginations. I lived for books when I was little and felt as though they really did transport me to a different world. Amuse tales knows about that special connection that a child can have to a story. That is why they have fun options to go along with each story. For example I received Mary and The Three Bears for the purpose of my review. With it came a book of coarse but also a CD so my daughter can listen to it while she goes to sleep or when we are in the car. There is also a picture that came along with it. It is a picture of one of the illustrations in the book. I have framed it and hung it on my daughter’s bed room wall. Each time she looks at the photo she can be taken away on a journey into the story. I live the concept of being able to hang up illustrations out of the books. What a fun cute way to decorate a child’s nursery or a creative gift for a loved one. Amuse Tales is wonderful and has many stories and illustrations to choose from. Stop by and check them out. You will live what you see!
Ashes Thoughts
(age 5)
Mary and The Three Bears is a fun story. Mom plays it while I sleep. I like the picture on the wall. There is lots of colors and I like Mary’s hair in pony tails.  I always ask my Mom to put my hair like that so I can be like Mary.
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