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What is Pulse Yoga
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Pulse Yoga is a result of my personal quest to find yoga routines that accomplish much more than other yoga styles. A few years ago I was diagnosed with osteopenia. This is almost osteoporosis, but not quite. I was shocked as I have been practicing yoga for so many years and consider myself to be in very good physical condition. The doctor told me that I needed to do some sort of weight training program. I have never really liked working out in a gym, always preferring yoga. I also did not want to give up precious time allotted to my yoga practice, so I decided to incorporate free weights into my yoga routines.
As a woman in my 50’s, I also wanted more toning, strengthening and increased muscle definition, again without using machines in the gym. So, in addition to the free weights, I added micro movements that primarily target areas such as the gluteus muscles, abdominals, upper arms and lower back. These micro movements within the yoga postures are highly effective with results that are noticeable immediately.

My Thoughts

I love yoga. I feel that Yoga is the best way to start or end my day. It helps to awake your body or relax your body and in my opinion it feels effortless.
I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Pulse Yoga with Argie Tang and Prisca Boris. I had never done any of these Pulse Yoga videos before and I am very picky about what yoga I like and what I absolutely dislike. My biggest pet peeve about a yoga video is the stand up, sit down. stand up, sit down. Sometimes it feels like that is all I ever do. With Pulse Yoga I did not feel that way at all. I was able to take my time and really feel each move and that I was doing. I also love the added pulse as I felt that it did more for my body then just sitting in the pose. For the last three weeks I have been on the first yoga DVD and this week started into the second. I love that there is a difference to the work outs and that there are so many different levels! I can’t wait till I am doing the Pulse Yoga Express which is the 4th DVD. I know I have awhile before I am there but that is ok. I am going to take time and keep chugging along until I reach my goal!
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