thinkSMART Wii and DS games Review

About thinkSMART
(from press release)
·         Kids thinkSMART  8+UP for Nintendo DS (8+ UP): A fun and fast paced collection of stimulating and brain twisting puzzlers that challenge players to improve their brain power.
o   Kids can select a boy or girl coach that will guide them through the different levels providing personalized feedback on their progress.
o   Single player and Multiplayer Modes including are available to give kids the chance to match with friends and family members to figure out who has the highest “think quotient”!
o   Three levels of difficulty and 6 categories of games including language skills, logical thinking, math, memory, reasoning and pattern recognition.
·         thinkSMART for Nintendo DS: Think outside the box and improve your mental fitness! This original brain training program challenges older players thinking skills in an imaginative and creative ways.
o   Three levels of difficulty and 6 different training categories including language, memory, mathematics, spatial reasoning, grasp and logic.
o   Single card or Multiplayer Modes of play to determine which one of your friends has the highest Think Quotient.
         thinkSMART Family for Wii™: This original brain and physical training program is specially designed for the entire family to play, as each player goes head to head at their own level. 
o   Helps you develop language, memory, mathematics, spatial reasoning and logic skills in an imaginative and creative way.
o   Features Mental and Physical Fitness programs…specially designed for each individual player
o   An individual training plan tailored to your previous performance enables you to keep track of your progress.
o   Customize your own Avatars and compete against the whole family in Multiplayer Mode to find out who has the highest Think® quotient!
My Thoughts
Last year for Christmas I knew there was something my family could not live without. That was a Wii. So I went out and surprised my whole family with the Wii. They were so excited and almost a year later I am still very happy with my decision as my family plays games together more or less every night. One of the games we have most recently added to our collection is thinkSMARTfamily. I also was sent 2 thinkSMART games for Nintendo DS but I must be honest and say I only played both those games twice as it is hard to pry them away from my daughter. thinkSMART games are fun and filled with mind games such as Sudoku and other puzzles. thinkSMART games are fun for the whole family and you will love competing with each other to win your trophies. Each game has different levels of play. My hubby and I play on the medium level for most of the games and there is an easy level for the kids. I know I should be moving up to the hard level sometime soon but the games seem relatively easy until you are faced with them. But I would not have it any other way. thinkSMART teases my brain and keeps my mind young and active.
Thoughts of a Day Care Kid (age 8)
I love that I can create my own girl to be me! I can also play it by myself or with my friends. There are also so many games and I don’t get board because I can just switch to a different category. There are different games for perception, math, memory and much, much more!
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I was sent a product for purpose of my review. All thoughts are my own and may vary from others! Thank you thinkSMART for sending me my samples!

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