Getting The Most Out Of Your Dishwasher by Anthony Hall

Getting the Most Out of Your Dishwasher
After a number of years since their invention the dishwasher it has risen to the status of the range and the refrigerator in its place in the kitchens of America with builders even putting a spot by your sink specifically for your dishwasher.   There were of course problems with the beginning models and some problems that persist to this day. 
One being that the thing turned out to be very loud and they didn’t clean nearly as well as you would hope and the amounts of electricity used would be a shock to your electric bill.  In fact some people were pre washing the dishes and then letting the dishwasher finish it off.  Basically they were doing half of the work while the dishwasher did the other half.  Not something that was of much help if you ask me. 
Of course the long march of technology continues on and now although the dishwashers are very powerful you still have to keep some things in mind to get everything cleaned correctly.  You should learn about the proper placement of dishes in the dishwasher.  Everyone has their own little patterns and theories and if you look on Youtube you can even find videos on the subject.  Taking this one step immediately helps your dishwasher do its job better. 
The sound problem is something else to think about.  You should make sure that you are doing the installation properly and apparently keeping the hoses off the ground plays a huge factor in the sound as well.  Also you can check out different websites and see what sound rating they are given.  Be aware that the surroundings in your home will also affect how loud your dishwasher sounds.  As in if you have all tile or wood flooring in your house, then chances are you’re more likely to hear it but otherwise you’re going to be covered. 
Also there are the energy considerations.  Now there are dishwashers that are energy star rated and although sometimes the products get a bad rap, it’s not warranted.  They simply take a bit longer to clean thoroughly so if you’re okay with that then take a look at the energy star approved dishwashers.  Another tip is to turn on the hot water in your sink until it becomes hot and then turn on your dishwasher.  This saves your dishwasher the time and energy since it doesn’t have to heat the water itself.   Also be aware that depending on how the water is heated in your home will determine how much energy is used as well.  As a general rule gas is going to be less expensive than electric. 

Guest Post By Anthony Hall

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