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About 50 Toddler Sing-along songs
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50 Toddler Sing-Along SongsPlay and sing with your favorite toddler TODAY This 2-CD set of interactive playtime songs is perfect for everyday fun at home, daycare, or preschool! Toddlers will be moving and singing, giggling and wiggling while developing listening and coordination skills. BONUS! Music and play are ESSENTIAL to the healthy development of young children! Enrich playtime with music and any of the 50 easy activities included in the 24-page booklet. PDF Lyrics included To print the PDF documents insert the Enhanced Music CD into your computer drive. Open MY COMPUTER. RIGHT CLICK on the CD Drive. Select OPEN from the drop down menu. Open the folders and/or documents like you would open any other folder or document.
My Thoughts
Some days taking my daughter to school can be rough. I have four kids in car seats and it seems when one gets fussy they all do. So I usually have lots of happy kid’s music on hand to make the car ride better. 50 Toddler sing-along songs by Twin Sisters has helped me have a large variety of fun songs in my car at all times. With songs like Old Brass Wagon and Down by the Station the kids fussiness doesn’t stand a chance! But don’t let 50 Toddler sing-along songs fool you. There is much more to this than just the music! Inside you will find a nicely put together book of fun activities that all the kids will love! So get off the couch and get your copy of 50 toddler sing along songs today!
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I was provided with 50 Toddler Sing-along songs from Twin Sisters for purpose of this review. All thoughts expressed are my own and may vary from others. Thank you to MamaBuzz for leading me to this review.

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