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About Naturally Fresh
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TCCD International is the world’s leading innovator for deoderant crystals. 
All products are 100% pure and natural, contain no harmful aluminum or parabens and are made with pharmaceutical grade mineral salts.  For those with sensitive skin, our hypoallergenic, fragrance free formula works amazingly!
Naturally Fresh Deodorant is the number one recommended deodorant by doctors including oncologists, dermatologists and allergists. Our products are the ideal deodorant choice for people allergic to or irritated by conventional deodorants, people battling cancer, and people who are seeking a healthy lifestyle.
Try Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products today and we promise you will be happy, healthy, and odor free!
My Thoughts
With everyone and everything going a little greener the last few years one of the products I never really thought about is Deodorant. But did you know that most antiperspirants contain harmful chemicals and aluminum which some scientists believe could be a contributing factor in breast cancer and/or Alzheimer’s?
Naturally Fresh is hypoallergenic and I contains no harmful chemicals or Aluminum! They use Alum which is natural and comes from basic every day things like plants and water. It is safe for Cancer patients to use as well as children (Recommended age is 13+, please ask a physician before using)

Naturally fresh comes in all kinds of scents to fit your personality! Ocean Breeze, Lavender, Tropical Breeze, Papaya Fusion! Also if you are in need of other everyday fresheners Naturally Fresh has you covered! A few other items they carry are Refrigerator fresh, lip moistener, and even foot spray! I was thrilled with how well everything worked! I love the lip moisturizer as well as the deodorant! Plus my fridge has never smelled so fresh! It’s all so wonderful!
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I was sent products for purpose of my review. All thoughts expressed are my own and may vary from others.

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