Squinkies Toy Review

About Squinkies
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Squishy, squooshy, squashy and totally adorable, Squinkies is the eagerly awaited new mini doll and pet, accessory and playset line destined to be the hottest new must-have kids’ collectible toy sensation.
Squinkies friend and pet dolls come encased in unique toy plastic bubbles.  Pop open the bubble and you’ll find a Squinkies surprise inside!
Launched in July 2010 by Blip Toys, the initial release includes a collection of 96 micro dolls (series 1 – 6) packaged sixteen each in a selection of popularly themed blister card Squinkies Suprize Inside Bubble Packs.  The collection’s initial three fun themes are Fantasy, Princess, and Birthday with many other additional themes and dolls to come!
With new collectible Squinkies dolls to be released on a regular basis, the line will feature hundreds of figures to collect trade and share.  As a result kids will enjoy the ability to enjoy endless hours of imaginative game play as they create their very own special Squinkies world.
My Thoughts
With Christmas time around the corner it is time to start investigating the new toys that are out there. I have many children to shop for and each child has their own likes and dislikes.
One of the new toys I have come across is Squinkes. Squinkies has a large variety of different figures for the children in your life. From ponies to friends, to Puppies, to Babies Squinkies are for everyone!
One of the things I noticed right away was how small they are. This can be good and bad. My daughter loves them and thinks they are super cute. She is just starting to be that age where she is into dolls and loves to have play time where her imagination can run wild. With that being said Squinkies are perfect to play imagination with. But on the other hand I run an at home day care so I must be very diligent about knowing where the Squinkies are at all times because they are defiantly a choking hazard for the younger children.
Ashes Thoughts (my 5 year old)

They are so cute, I love to play with them in my room. I love the Puppies, They are my favorite. I can’t wait to have more of them to play with.

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I was sent a package of Squinkies for purpose of my review. All thoughts expressed are my own and may vary from others.

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