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Fun to use
Build a family tree visually, add thousands of people quickly
Supports 35 languages
Bi-lingual trees and charts, automatic name translations
New: Maps
Discover where your ancestors came from, enhance your family tree
Smart Matching technology
Matches your tree to millions of others & discovers new relatives!
Private family site
Publish your family tree and share it with your family in one click
Ideal for family photos
Add photos, documents and videos; organize them in albums easily
Automatic face tagging
The world’s only genealogy software with face recognition technology, enriches your photos
Easy to use
Friendly wizards make even complex tasks simple
Charts to make you proud
Create, customize and print beautiful charts and reports, even all-in-one charts
Smart Research
Researches your family tree automatically in world’s top 100 genealogy websites
My Thoughts

I am a firm believer in Family History. In fact before I moved I worked in a Family History Center at my Church for a couple of years. One of the sites I have always loved to work on is I have always liked because it is easy to use and I can find fun and interesting facts about my ancestors. Plus it is free to download. Not only have I been able to find ancestors and some of their photos but I have also been able to find other members of my family that were searching for them as well. Members that I did not know I had until finding them on There is one family member in particular that had much more genealogy done than I had. We were able to swap information and help each other out with missing dates and names. What a blast I have had finding diaries of past relatives as well as ship logs to tell me what ships they came to America on, or how about learning what their profession was or how many children they had and where they are buried. All this and more can be found at!

If there is something you are looking for, A Name, A picture, A Certificate of some kind, is a wonderful place to start!

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