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Ahwooga was born in casual conversation between Myself (Joe Chirco) and my business partner Don Wiggins, whom I have worked with for many years. We were discussing the online venues we used as tools to grow our own aftermarket automotive parts companies.

We understand it has been a difficult time in the automotive parts industry, not only to show a profit but to just keep your employees at work. Don and I kept coming to the same conclusion that maintaining our growth would be difficult when all things attached to sales on other marketplaces was driving the cost of doing business Sky High.

We thought that if we could find other venues to list our products on, that had low or “no” sales fees, the added sales could help offset some of the other rising expenses.

Many hours were spent searching for marketplaces that would fill the void but there was none to be had. It was at this point that we decided that something had to be done, and we were the guys to do it. We assembled a team of talented, and motivated car guys and laid out what was needed to help sellers add revenue to their companies at a very low expense. After a year of pretty intensedevelopment we finally made our vision a reality. Ahwooga was born.

My Thoughts

As a car re-builder I know how hard it can be to find specific parts. The old stuff is hard to come by and I love sites like because they understand this and make it a little easier on us re-building folks! Almost every part my husband and I are in need of can be found on Everything from 1933-39 Packard U-Joints to Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit for a 54 Mercury.

Car parts are not the only thing that has to offer. We have found the rare car bodies that we have been on the hunt for. Plus T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, and Hot Rod Posters!

Whatever you may be on the hunt for is the place to look. Boat, RV, Airplane, Go Karts, Interior or Exterior, probably has it!

Go to and check out all they have to offer

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