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About Peter Rabbit Organics
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Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit Snacks

Our Peter Rabbit Organics fruit pouches are packed full of 100% fruit. We have done all the washing, chopping and peeling for you, so you can now eat fruit on the go without worrying about the mess or hassle…

What’s inside our pouches?

Made from pure, organic fruit, our BPA-free pouches have no added sugar or preservatives. We only source organic ingredients certified by the USDA, and whenever possible we use local suppliers in Oregon. Our 3 delicious pouches have a thick, smooth texture and aren’t diluted with water or juice.

Why the pouch?

Similar to squeezable drink pouches, Peter Rabbit Organics pouches are easy to drop into a diaper bag, lunch box or purse without breaking or spilling. Unopened pouches don’t need to be refrigerated so they’re great for car trips, cycle rides…and for all the family to enjoy.

Ideal for ages 6 months and upwards, the fruit can be enjoyed straight from the pouch – no spoons required!! Our no-choke cap makes them safe for little ones and the larger size makes it easy to get a full serving of fruit in each pouch.

My Thoughts

Peter Rabbit Organics makes three different flavors of Fruit Pouches. Apple Grape, Mango Banana Orange, and Strawberry banana.

I love that Peter Rabbit Organics come in quick and easy pouches. My family likes to go hiking and camping and these pouches are easy to throw into our hiking back packs. Plus I love the natural flavor that is contained in every pouch!

One thing I always hear people talk about is the texture of Peter Rabbit Organics. Yes it is like Baby Food, but only so it can come out of the pouch easily. I still love the flavor and my kids love it too! It is a nice easy after school snack for the day care kids and I love having Peter Rabbit Organics on hand because you never know when a quick easy snack (health) will be just what you need!

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