Sing-A-Lingo Review

About Sing A Lingo (from the web site)
Sing-A-Lingo is an educational company that helps parents, teachers and gift-givers teach children a second language. Our approach promotes growth and learning through joyful music that accompanies everyday activities. Learning should be fun, so our language materials fit into your daily routine and make kids and grown-ups smile.
My Thoughts
I love the concept of Sing A Lingo. In the world we are living in today it is vastly becoming important that our children learn Spanish. Sing A Lingo understands this and has come up with a fun concept to teach our children some of the everyday words in Spanish. Words like cat, rug, and water. But the fun of it is not just the book. Sing A Lingo has fun songs you can sing along with to help the children have fun while learning another language. This is such a great idea because catchy music sticks in your head; especially as a child. I know that I still remember the 50 States in Alphabetical order because of a song, so I know that my child will remember the Spanish that she is learning in these cute songs! I love this book and my day care kids love it as well. They have enjoyed singing Burbujas and Buenas niches. Which are the two songs that accompany this cute little book.

I was provided with this product for purpose of my review. All thoughs expressed are my own and may very from others.

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