Too Rich for a Bride By Mona Hodgson


On The Back
Ida Sinclair’s one desire is to be a successful businesswoman, but she leaves business school before completing her course when a professor informs her that the only way she’ll reach her goal is to become his mistress. Determined to prove him wrong—along with every other man who thinks women have no place in business—Ida joins her sisters Kat and Nell in Cripple Creek, Colorado, a growing mining town full of opportunity. She quickly obtains a job working for Mollie O’Bryan, Cripple Creek’s somewhat infamous but undeniably successful businesswoman.
My Thoughts

I love books that take place in the 1800’s that is why I knew I would live Too Rich for a Bride by Mona Hodgson.

Too rich for a bride is about a woman named Ida who wants to make it in the man’s business world. She knows as a woman she will have her struggles but that does not deter her from what she wants. After almost being forced to leave school early she finds a job opening in a small Colorado town where her sisters live. Ida moves to Cripple Creek, Colorado, to help out Mollie O’Bryan and start her job in the business world.

This book was wonderful. I love books about independent women and their trip through life and with god. I can’t wait to read more books by Mona Hodgson as I fell in love with her writing style!

I was sent a copy of Too Rich for A Bride for purpose of my review! Thank you to All You Magazine for allowing me to ready this book!

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