Heardontheplayground.com review

About heardontheplayground.com (a blurb sent from the company)

The site was launched in Jan. of 2010 and has met with great success. We started this site in a grassroots manner as a way of showcasing all those hysterical stories told at family gatherings or in school hallways. We now provide a “national stage” for parents, teachers and relatives alike to share the laughs.

A few highlights of the site:

– Collect all your funny kid stories in 1 place

* All stories submitted by the same person are kept in “My Story”

– Increase visibility of your blog

* All stories and pictures can be linked to your URL bringing viewers back to your blog

– Send Virtual Gifts

* Upload a pic of your child’s artwork or choose from the HontheP Kids Gallery, attach it to a funny kid saying

and send it to someone special

– Choose from a limited number of funny kid sayings to put on a vintage t-shirt

– Share a funny kid picture

– Join our Favorites section if you have a Blog, service or product that is family oriented

– It’s all free, there’s no registration and all posts are anonymous

My Thoughts

Some days I just need a pick me up! You know; something to make me laugh and keep the smile on my face for the rest of the day. That is exactly what I have found with HeardonthePlayground.com. Heard on The Playground is full of humorous tales of what kids do and say. I love it! Nothing can be more comical than a care free mind of a child? Heardonthplayground.com is also a place you can go to upload your funny pictures and stories about your children to share with others just like you and I! I know that I have enjoyed going each morning and reading the stories that have been uploaded plus I have many of my own fun stories to add. I guess that is just another benefit of an at home day care! There is never a dull moment!

heardontheplayground.com is easy to navigate. You can comment on other stories as well as hit the “love it” button for the stories that you just love. If you find that you like a particular persons stories above the others you can also view just the stories they have posted. What a nice feature! You can also search through topics such as subjects or age of children. But there is a part that is even better! My favorite part of all! The most unique part of the whole site! ….I bet your tired of me blabbering about it and just wanting to hear it already! Right?..okay, okay, You can order T-Shirts of your favorite quotes! How cool is that! When you find a little blurb that is just too funny, or when you upload a blurb of your very own you can then order a shirt with that blurb! That’s awesome!! So stop by and check out heardontheplayground.com. You will be glad you did!

I would love for all of my readers to stop by and check it out! If you share your favorite quote with me you may have 5 bonus entries into each giveaway!

This is a paid post but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and may very from others.

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