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Getting to know FeralEnigma
I am from the very center of California, cow town. Not exactly the Mecca of artistic expression. I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil, painting came much later. In high school I began creating off the wall pieces out of old barbies, paint, metal, whatever I could get my hands on. I like taking on new medium and making it my own and am very much enjoying my newest endeavor, wire. You can find a variety of one of a kind handmade pieces. Feral Enigma carries anything from painted canvas pieces, hand painted jewelry, to hand sculpted clay incense burners. Everything is hand painted, crafted, sculpted, and one of a kind. I spend a great deal of time creating every piece. In fact, I am currently in the works making “secret boxes” a safe haven for all of your secret possessions. As well as a few new Kanji Mirrors and steam punk inspired jewelry. When choosing my shop name I wanted something completely different, something that fit my style, and something I could make into its own entity.
I decided on Feral Enigma because those two words together didn’t exist, Google it only my store comes up right on top. Feral meaning wild and untamed and Enigma meaning strange and unbelievable, put the two together and you have me! I have a blog also called Feral Enigma,, as well as a facebook Stay Feral and a Feral Enigma Fan page (!/pages/Feral-EnigmaCater-Your-Instincts/118290511551182). On my blog you will find all of my written expressions, verbal art I suppose. At Stay Feral keep up to date with new items in the store as well as secret discounts for Feral Fans. When creating a new item I need complete silence. Generally I have a nightmare and in the morning I grab my brush and on a canvas it goes. With my jewelry I just make what I would want to wear, in fact it takes a lot not to steal it all. I take inspiration from movies, nightmares, friends, and my environment. My favorite things to create would have to be my paintings.
Painting was one of the first endeavors I took on, it was my passion, it is the only sense of artistic release I feel. It took me years of convincing to finally begin the journey of selling my art; it is not easy for me to put my private pieces out there for the world. I know my art is not for everyone, I paint from the heart, from deep in my psyche. I am an artist, always have been, always will be.
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