Smarty Had A Party Review

About Smarty Had A Party (From web site)
This is the story of plastic plates. Once upon a time, being a plastic plate meant you were a cheap little throw away party plate. You were not elegant, you were not fancy, and you surely weren’t proud of yourself. People found you to be, well, frankly, disposable. They preferred china plates, and would have never considered plastic plates to be elegant. Oh, no, they would have said! We would NEVER use disposable plates at our elegant party! Plastic plates are just not fancy enough!
My Thoughts
Thinking back there are many times that I wish I would have known about ‘smarty had a party’ my wedding being one of them. The plates and silver wear are extremely classy looking and are also PLASTIC!!! How exciting! When I first opened the package I noticed how heavy the plates and silverware were they are defiantly not your average everyday cheap quality plastics. Smarty Had A Party has many different styles of plates and such for your every occasion needs; from round to square to triangle shaped! I was thrilled to receive the Wavy Square Black Plates with Narrow Raised Rim. I don’t know what it is but I just love square plates. They are heavy duty and I used them for a big steak dinner with my family and the plates did not bend and the best part was that I did not have to double them up! Yay! Smarty had a party would be a great place to go for your fancy dinner needs. Where else could you go to find classy looking dinnerware at such a great price?
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I received a Smarty Had A Party Pack for purpose of this review. All thoughts expressed are my own and may vary from others.

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