Comfort Clean Floss Picks Review

About Comfort Clean Floss Picks (from DenTek web site)
Just as nature evolves to accommodate needs, the floss pick design process adapts to the oral health Zealot. Consider the mint-flavored Comfort Clean Floss Pick the advanced model of our Triple Clean Floss Pick. The difference of a couple of millimeters makes our Silk Floss slide easily between tight teeth, removing plaque and bits of food. This pick features the side-angle floss head, tongue scraper, Silk Floss, and textured, contoured tip
My Thoughts
I am a toothflossaholic. I use tooth floss after almost every meal. One of my favorite brands is DenTek! How can they not be? They make SO many different flosses! I love the Comfort Clean Floss because they are handy and can be kept in my purse, my night stand, my computer desk, and in the console of my car! Yep! For real I really do keep them in all of those places and more. It drives me crazy to have something stuck between my teeth. The other feature about Comfort Clean Floss Picks is that they also have a tooth pick at the end. Comfort Clean Floss Picks come in a bag of 90. They are also good and sturdy and the silk floss is more pliable than in some other picks I have used. If you are like me and feel that you need your daily dose of tooth floss than I encourage you to check out Comfort Clean Floss Picks!
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You can purchase DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks at a store near you!
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I received Comfort Clean Floss Picks for purpose of this review. All thoughts expressed are my own and may vary from others.

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