‘Whats In The Bible?’ Created by Phil Vischer

About What’s in the Bible (from Tyndale Publishers Website)

In What’s In the Bible #3, Wanderin’ in the Desert, Buck Denver and his cast of friends take us through the next three books of the Bible—Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy—helping kids understand how these books fit in with Genesis and Exodus to make up the Pentateuch and to set the stage for the trials and victories of God’s people. The question “Did this stuff really happen?” is also answered.

From the man who made vegetables talk (and sing and dance and tell Bible stories) comes this third release in the engaging new series that walks kids through the entire Bible! Each DVD is filled with an entertaining cast of characters who bring the most powerful Bible stories to life using humor, creative storytelling, and fun songs. Join VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer on a wild and zany journey and see the world’s most amazing book come to life.
About the Creator (From Tyndale Publishers Website)

Phil Vischer

In 1990, 24-year-old computer animator Phil Vischer sat down to create a group of characters that could teach Christian values to kids in a delightfully weird way. Hence, a tomato named Bob and a cucumber named Larry were born. VeggieTales would go on to revolutionize Christian filmmaking, selling more than 50 million videos and placing Phil’s faith-filled stories in one in every three American households with young children. Phil is highly respected by key leaders across the Christian landscape, from Joel Osteen to James Dobson. His company, Jellyfish Labs, provides faith-based daily programming via the Internet at jellytelly.com. The characters from the What’s in the Bible? series are featured, but the content is not specifically from the DVDs. Phil continues to pursue innovative ways to integrate faith and storytelling through Jellyfish Labs. He chose the name Jellyfish as a reminder to remain pliable to God’s plans and not his own. Phil lives with his wife, Lisa, and their three kids in Illinois.
My Thougths
Veggie tales is a much loved cartoon by my daughter and I. She loves it because it is fun and captures her attention. I love it because they are good wholesome cartoons that I know will not have adverse effects on her.
When I was contacted by Tyndale Publishers to review the first three ‘What’s In the Bible?’ movies by Phil Vischer was thrilled. Are you kidding Phil Vischer is awesome and if he is making movies about the books in the bible I‘m all in!!
The first three movies in the ‘Whats in the Bible’ series have taken my daughter through the bible from the beginning all the way to Deuteronomy and helped her to better understand the events that took place. It is hard for children to pick up the Bible and understand what they are reading. I am thrilled with Phil for coming up with such a creative way to teach our children. ‘Whats in the Bible’ kept my daughters attention and she was talking about the events and asking me to read them out of the Bible so she could connect the two together. I am oh so happy with these movies! They are every bit as good as the quality that I would expect from Phil! I know that if you are looking for that fun and special way to teach your children the stories out of the Bible than this is perfect for you!
As most of you know I run am at home day care and I will be showing these movies to the children. I think it is important for the kids to get bible study at home as well as at church. How else are they supposed to remain active in the Gosple if they ate only getting it one time a week?
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Thank you Tyndale Publishers for providing me with copies of these movies for the purpose of my review. All thoughts expressed are my own and may vary from others.

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