First Ever Admirer Monday Blog Hop!

Ug. … Yet another Monday. Mondays tend to be the least favorite days of the week. Right? That is why Giveaway Blogdom and I have teamed up to bring you admirer Monday. There are so many blogs out there that are constantly looking for new blogs to admirer and admirers for their blog.admirer

#1 You must follow the first three blogs. Leave a comment letting us know and we will follow you in return!
#2 You do not have to create a blog post, but to be in the drawing for the number three spot which we will choose by each week you must have our button displayed on your blog.#3 Please follow as many blogs as you like but more importantly please follow back the blogs that follow you!

#4 Enjoy meeting admirers!
**This Linky will reset each week and you will have to re-post. This Linky will reset every Monday night at 9:45 pm MST.Please only Link Up Once. Your Link will appear on ALL LINKYS! Thanks!

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