got2be Smooth Operator review

My Thoughts

I am not much of a conditioner kind of person. Most of the time conditioner makes my hair greasy and it frustrates me. With my none-use of conditioner I do miss out on the softness that my hair could have and it is not as easy to brush through my hair after I step out of the shower.

When I very first tried got2be I did not have very high expectations. I figured that my hair would quickly do the same thing that normal conditioner does but it did not. Got2be smells delightful and it does not take very much to make my hair soft and manageable.

Got2be was easy to use. All you need to do is place the desired amount in your hand and rub into wet hair after your shower. Then style as usual. See how easy that is.

I was provided with a Got2Be Product for purpose of this review. Thank you BzzAgent for leading me to this wonderful product!

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