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The computer can be a fun place for my child to play. She is always asking me if she can get on and play games. But, it is a scary place for your children to be. That is why I was glad to have found the travels of Wiglington and Wenks.
About The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks

A place for the kids to go to travel the world, meet the famous people of our history, solve ancient mysteries, build exotic houses on their own island, and become legendary!

According to Wiglington and Wenks, the game is targeted for kids between 7 to 14 but fans up to 20 are playing the virtual world. (Okay so I’m 26 and love this game! Also my daughter is 5 and loves it just as much!)

Here are some other tid bits from the site

The virtual world features famous historical characters like Beethoven, Einstein, Edison, Wright Brothers, Abraham Lincoln, Emperor Qin, Gandhi, Darwin just to name a few. The players are given the task of looking for items related to these famous historical characters so that they can recover their memories.

Players will be going about the world searching for items, in the process learning about the world and different items found in the world. This also trains their ability to be observant – much like iSpy games. As a reviewer on Common Sense Media said – “Kids cannot help but absorb historical, geographic, environmental, or cultural facts as they travel the world to help these misplaced historical figures.”

“Wiglington and Wenks is so much more than your standard virtual world, it has a rich story line with well developed characters, plot, mystery, and quests. Students are dropped into the story and invited to participate, learning through exploration, problem solving, and critical thinking.” – Winner of the Edublog Award 2009 (http://ilearntechnology.com/?p=1802)

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My Thoughts
As a child my favorite game was Carmen Sandiego. I loved going on adventures and learning about the world. With a child of my own now I have been searching for a game that would be fun and entertaining but also teach her the fun facts that I learned as a child. I have now found that game. The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks is a fun and educational game. My daughter and I have had a blast traveling to different parts of the world and learning about the historical figures.
When I started this game with my child I did not know how it was going to work. She is young and does not fully understand about internet safety. Upon signing up for an account at The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks it helps the children to understand that they are not to give their name, phone number, or password, etc… out to anyone. In fact you must take a little quiz about The travels of Wiglington and Wenks before you can get your “travel passport” and there are questions regarding internet safety that the children must answerer. I found this enlightening. Not only is my child learning and having fun but she is learning internet safety as well! This is a wonderful game that has brought my daughter and I closer together. We are enjoying our time together playing this fun game and I know you will as well! Go check it out! Sign up and get started! You will be happy you did!
Buy It

Wiglington and Wenks was Put out by: Mediafreaks and is free to sign up but Monthy Membership can get you exclusive items and such in the game that you don’t want to miss! Membership is as low as $5.99 a month!

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