The Ant Lucy and the Hurricane-Review


The Ant Lucy and the Hurricane written by Carmen Navarro-Talavera and Illustrated by Julio Calero

My Thoughts

In this day in age it is so important to be prepared! I have been teaching my daughter about preparedness and I will say that I do have a stock up of food, water, and other day to day necessities in my home. Preparedness books are something I don’t see a lot of and when I found one that was wrote for children I was exceptionally thrilled!

The Ant Lucy and the Hurricane may have been written about Hurricane preparedness but the fact of needing to be prepared is there. Living in Colorado I don’t have to worry about Hurricanes but I do worry about lots of snow, flooding, forest fires, rock slides, and the occasional earth quake or tornado. Each of these things could happen and happen badly enough that I will need to break into my food preparation. Teaching our children about stocking up on every day supplies may one day save their life. I am so very impressed with this book. Not only does the Author impound the importance of being ready for disasters but also has a list of items that should be on hand in case of an emergency. My daughter was overjoyed with this and helped me go around the house to ensure we had each item in its proper place. There is also a Homework Page in the book and you all know how much I love that! Your children will be able to learn about Hurricanes and words associated with them!

Last but not least, the item that I found most wonderful and unique in this book is a Readers’ Theater section. This is the first children’s book that I have reviewed that you can roll play with your kids. What fun it was for my day care kiddos to read through the Narrator and character spots! Such a clever idea!

I know that if you are like me and believe in being prepared for a disaster (especially Hurricane) than this would be a perfect book to introduce to your kiddos!

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