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There are so many nasty chemicals in our lives today. No wonder there are new diseases and issues with our bodies popping up every day. That is why I decided at the beginning of the year to make a change. Many of you have read about the change I have made in my diet but that is not the only thing I revamped! I am trying to go more natural in my every day products as well. That is why I could not turn down a chance to review natural cleaning items from ecoStore USA.
About EcoStore USA

ecoStore was founded over 15 years ago by Melanie and Malcolm Rands. The Rands came upon the problem with using petroleum based, synthetic ingredients while living in an eco friendly village in New Zealand. They did not want the harmful chemicals to enter their waterways and decided to do something about it. You can read more about the Rands journey of Eco Friendly Cleaners HERE.

My Thoughts

I was able to review two products from the ecoStore. The first cleaner that I chose was the All Purpose Cleaner. That is something that I can never have enough of in my house. I am always using cleaner whether it be on the counter tops, sinks, oven, walls, etc….There is nothing I hate more than having to switch cleaners when I switch the rooms. I’d rather have one product that works well on everything and take it throughout the whole house than have 10 different cleaners to sort through.

I am impressed with the All Purpose cleaner. It has a citrus scent and I am not so worried about placing food and such on the counter after I get done cleaning. Usually I freak because I don’t want the chemicals leaching into my food. It was clear and the scent was not over powering. It also worked well on grease, spaghetti sauce from the kids, and the oven after baking! As well as, the bathroom!!

The second product that I was able to review was the Pure Oxygen Whitener. I chose this product because I have an at home day care and I am constantly bleaching toys to prevent sickness. When I received this there was nothing on it about cleaning anything else but clothes. So I did not try it out on the toys. (I have sent an e-mail to ask if it could be used on toys. But it is still wonderful either way!!) I used the Oxygen Whitener in the wash and I was impressed with how little it took to wash a load. This stuff will last for a long time which is very good on the pocket book! I also love that it is made from citrus and Coconut and other plant-based ingredients. That means it is nice and safe for the kiddo’s!
I was sent both products to review from ecoStore USA. All opinions expressed are my own and may vary from others.

I would love for you all to check out ecoStore USA as well as their twitter and facebook page.

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