Julia Childs French Onion Soup!


My 5 Cups of Onions!

Well this week I finally attempted Julia Childs French Onion Soup. It was good but did not have that “YUMMY” factor that I was so much hoping for. Next time I will know that I need a little less Beef Base. I had to thinly slice 5 cups of onions and I tell you my house did not smell too pretty. But it was fun to make. I especially enjoyed making the French bread crotons to go with it..well I did burn them a little but they still tasted divine!


  1. tammy dodson says:

    I have been wanting to make this as well i have a crockpot recipe that looks yummy i want to try

  2. Naina John says:

    would try to make veggie version of this.

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