SafetyTats Review


SafetyTat is a fun temporary kids tattoo that lets you write your personal phone number on it in case of an emergency. Safety Tats offer two different kinds of Tats. First is the Original that you put on with water and they already have your phone number on them. They are handy and ready to go. The other type is a stick on that is also handy. They do not require water and you can write whatever you like on the lines. Very clever! There are also many different little pictures you can add to your Child’s Tats to help personalize them. My daughter loves the butterfly on her little Tat she is wearing in the photo! So cute!

My Daughter with her Safety Tat!
My Thoughts

When I very first heard of SafetyTat it was on a blog giveaway much like this one. I did not know what to think. Because it is a neat idea but I was also concerned about the wrong person reading the phone number and using it to take my daughter. I mean you just don’t know about some people. But, after thinking about it more I thought “Duh, Krista! You don’t have to put it where everyone can read it. Just as long as my daughter knows where it is then it will be fine.” now that I am thinking with the right frame of mind I realize just how amazing this product is. I run an at home day care and I also take my daughter to many events around town and heaven forbid she ever did get lost I would feel much more relaxed knowing that whoever found her would then have a number to contact me. When the tattoos arrived in the mail I was excited. We were getting ready to go to the carnival and I knew this would be the perfect chance to try them out. The original tattoos already have cell phone number on them which made it so easy. I just had to place it where I wanted it, apply water and then peel the paper off and we were good to go! My husband and I are taking our daughter to the circus this weekend and I know that another tattoo will then be applied. They are a great idea and I know you will love them! So go to their site and check them out!

Buy It!
You can go to HERE to purchase this SafetyTat’s for as low as $19.95.

I was provided SafteyTat’s for the purpose of my review. My opinion was not influenced in anyway. Thank you MamaBzz for leading me to this product!

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