5×7 Pen and Ink Print
85. Ang said…
I would choose Time Traveling Tourists – her prints are so dreamy! Thanks so much!
Crochet Slippers
11. Nanbon44 said…
I love the Mary Janes in Crimson and grey. These remind me of the Bed Boots my mom used to knit for me and friends. I wear them all the time but now that mom is gone there is no one to make them.
Tiny Wood Art
134. Lily said…
$25.00 Gift Code to Simply Leather
17. Angie said…
I would use the 25.00 towards the purchase of the Splash handbag! It’s gorgeous! I think she should consider selling some wallets too 😉
Scrabble Tile Pendant
57. buddyCO said…
Hearted Etsy shop (jknd2000)

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