Hot Rod Items!

Car Show days are upon us again! YAY!! My favorite time of year! With this this time of year comes Hot Rods, Leather Jackets, 50’s Vintage, Victory Rolls, Pompador’s, and Pin up Girls! So to better help you dress the part I have put together a feature of some wonderful Etsy shops that carry just the right stuff!

Roll The Dice Earrings from Mary Deth
Plaid button earrings from Mary Deth
Red and White Polka Dots – ‘Rocker Girl Jane’ dress from petapledger
Cherry necklace from petapledger
Tattoo and Red Minky Dot Blankie 20 X 30 from RockinMamaBG
Retro Cherry and Polka Dot Baby Booties from RockinMamaBG
Vintage 1930s Dress and Bolero in Chevron Nautical Theme from VindemialVintage
Vintage 1950s Prom Dress-Designer Couture- Will Steinman Original from VindemialVintage
Vintage 1950s Swing Dress Nautical Neckline and Zebra Print from VindemialVintage
1954-55 Oldsmobile Hubcap Clock from 8milecreekdesigns
1941-48 Chevy Tail Light – Night Light from 8milecreekdesigns
** As always I would like to encourage all of you to visit these shops! They has many wonderful items that I am sure you will love! For the next 24 hours you may have an extra entry into any of my giveaways for visiting any or all of these shops and telling me something you love! (1 Entry Per Shop into each giveaway!)

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