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Today we are going to learn about Mandala who owns mandalarain etsy shop!
 Getting to Know Mandala (mandalarain)

Where are you from? and a little bit about you

I live in a drafty old miner’s cabin in the Colorado Mountains with my husband, infant son, our two wolves, 4 geckos, Bearded Dragon, two Boas, our tarantula, and a bunch of plants! I have a college level Art Degree with a concentration in Sculpture, as well as a degree in Psychology, and artistically, I have found my niche in creating the items you see listed here. I love taking on new challenges, too!

I specialize in crystal, gem and mineral wire wrap designs, Tree of Life items, and sculpture, (as well as other products), which I look at as wearable art, created in collaboration with the forces of nature. I love finding new ways to highlight the natural beauty and unique, special characteristics of the stones in strong and enduring wraps. Every piece is different and the possibilities are endless! Through my art, which I see as a healing process, I strive to communicate to others the joy that creativity and a sense of ongoing appreciation of beauty in the world around us can bring. Featuring collector’s specimens of naturally formed crystals, gems, and minerals from all over the world, my shop can be an educational experience!

How did you decide on your shop name?

Well, my parents each have a different story about this, but basically they had the idea of naming me Mandala, but decided on the more traditional name of Amanda. However, they named me Amanda Laraine … so if you split that up… A Mandala rain e

Why did you start your business?

Well, I first started selling items online when I lived in my tipi and worked with a Native American living history museum. I made a simple Tripod website to sell stone pipes, dreamcatchers, medicine bags, etc. I first started making jewelry when traveling around the country and needing a way to make money for gas and whatnot. I finally settled in Colorado, attending college here, and that is when I started selling items on my own website, , ebay, etsy, craigslist, artfire, and more.

Do you have anything new you plan on adding to your store?

I would like to start doing more metalsmithing.

What is your favorite thing about being a seller?

Being able to spend time with my toddler son, and making just enough money to buy quality materials to make more and better pieces.

Do you have a blog, twitter, or facebook page?

Sure, I’m Mandala Rain Toddings on facebook. I tried blogging, but it wasn’t for me! Maybe I’ll pick it up again someday.

What inspires you to make the items in your shop?

I am very inspired by the stones themselves.. They guide my work in a large part. Putting the colors, textures, and shapes that are natural, in a way that fits their organic nature but also adding my own order to the design….

What items in your shop do you most enjoy making and why?

I love making the multi stone Gem, Mineral, and Crystal wire wraps. It is an honor to be able to work with these special stones. Often when they are purchased, there winds up being a wonderful connection with the buyer. I also love making Tree of Life jewelry. The symbolism behind it is so meaningful, and I have always loved drawing trees. In fact, i even married someone named “Tree”. The first Tree of Life I made, I was 9 months pregnant, and when I finished making it, I soon realized it was time to go to the hospital to have my son. I especially love making custom Tree of Life pendants for Mothers and Grandmothers that have the genuine gemstone birthstones of their offspring as the leaves. What a great way to collaborate!

Anything else you would like us to know?

For viewers of this blog, I am offering a $10 discount on any item in the section of my shop that includes the custom personalized Mothers and Grandmothers jewelry, just in time for Mother’s Day

Or, a $5 discount and a free upgrade to Priority Shipping

** As always I would like to encourage all of you to visit Mandala’s store. She has many wonderful items that I am sure you will all love! For the next 24 hours you may have an extra entry into all of my giveaways for visiting mandalarain and telling me one thing you learned about her and one item from their shop you just love!

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