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I am creating this post as a little contest per say. You see I had asked to review and giveaway GoGo Squeeze Applesauce but the company did not choose me! WHAT?? Okay they are forgiven. But they are offering 8 Bloggers a chance to win some of their wonderful product. As most of you know I am a competitive person, I mean COMPETITIVE! So of course I have to do it! Plus I would love to try their 100% Fruit with No added sugar!! So here is what they are asking for……

1. Your personal tips or anecdotes on how to get your kids to eat healthy food, stay fit, go play outside and be happy.

Healthy eating at my house is not that hard to do. The husband and Daughter would not be able to eat anything if they did not eat healthy. About 6 months ago my husband and I decided that we were going to cut ALL junk food out of your grocery list’s each week. It has been wonderful! Also, about a month ago we started my daughter on a gluten free diet which cut out the breads and pastas and moved us to eat more rice and applesauce!! HEHE

Playing outside is not that big of an issue either. I don’t let my daughter or the other day care kids watch cartoons. In fact the T.V. gets turned off after 8:30 a.m. and does not come back on until my husband gets home at night. So the kids are board out of their mind and must suffer through using their imaginations outside for lack of anything better to do!

There are two ways that my daughter and I stay fit at our house. The first is we take 30 minutes a day to exercise. We have an On Demand channel at home that offers free exercise videos and there are the most wonderful videos for kids. My daughter loves our daily yoga time! We also stay fit playing the Wii! What a wonderful invention to bring a family together!

So since I am doing this for GoGo Squeez I guess I better tell you a little about them! GoGo Squeez is a company after my own heart! I mean they make things a little easier in life! I have been teaching my daughter about healthy food. We recently have put her on the gluten free diet as you may well know and there are not many snack options for her. GoGo Squeez has made Apple Sauce in a squeezable, re-sealable, no mess pouch! How cool is that? My daughter as well as the day care kids eat a lot of apple sauce and it seems that they get more on the table and floor than they do in their mouth. GoGo Squeez will allow them to just squeeze it right into their mouth eliminating the falling off the spoon mess that I am so used to. Thus less work for me! YAY! You can go HERE to learn more about this wonderful invention!! You can also fan them on facebook HERE or twitter HERE.

Okay so I just had to add this AppleSauce rap in this post! What would the world do without YouTube?


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    I'm competitive too. Nice post!

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