BABIES The Movie – In Theaters Mothers Day Weekend!

BABIES looks to be an adorable movie. It’s about the first year of life for four babies from the United States, Japan, Mongolia and Namibia. It show’s the similarities and differences of how different cultures raise their babies and the how their environment affects them. The trailer starts off with two siblings in Namibia working side by side and then the littlest baby bends over and bites the other baby on the shoulder. Don’t tell me that you haven’t seen that happen a time or two! One of the typical responses from a visitor to the mommy-oriented blog Gnome Sweet Gnome said: “Oh man, when I watched that trailer with the hubby, I was crying like a baby. It was just the sweetest trailer EVER.” (Quoted from USA Today)

How can one not love seeing the lives of four extremely different cultures and yet how similar each culture is when it comes to babies? BABIES is 80 minutes of just this, with many moments leaving you thinking “That’s my life!” Well except for maybe the part where the goat drinks out of one of the babies bathtubs!? Check out the trailer to see the fun and exciting new movie BABIES coming to a theater near you Mother’s Day Weekend.

Would you like your baby to be featured on the DVD? Go to and upload the weekly photo or video they are asking for( week two is Siblings). So show off those photos and be entered to win some great prizes.

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