New Fridge!

Dear Readers,

I just wanted everyone to know that when it comes to saving you don’t always need a coupon! Today my dear husband and I went fridge shopping. This is how it went

Store A: We found the fridge that we wanted!! It was perfect!! Price: $3255.00

We decided to check around to find a better deal!

Store B: Found same fridge!! Price: $2999.00

So I made my husband go back to Store A and tell them we found a better price at Store B.

Store A then says they will make a deal with us! Now the price is $2400.00

We said we would think about it and went back to Store B they changed the price to $2365

We then went back again to Store A were they took  a little more off the price and we made the purchase! YAY!!!

My hubby was not happy with me for doing this..but we saved over $1,000!! It took a lot of guts on my part and I kind of suprised myself! but hey!! WaHoo!! I saved $1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meet my new fridge!!!


  1. Dimes2Vines says:

    Way to go! I love getting good deals!!!
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. Queenie Jeannie says:

    Great job!! In this economy it pays to speak up because retailers NEED the sales!

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