$3.00 Barbie’s!

In Lou of Barbie’s Birthday this week K-Mart, Toy’s R Us, Target, and Walmarts have $3.00 Super Star Barbie’s starting Saturday March 6th – Saturday March 13th! Time to stock up on little girls gifts! Hurry before they are gone!

** Please know that many stores are trying to hide this. When I went to K-Mart they had them all priced as marked down from $11.98 to $6.99…but there was a little sign about 2×3 inches that said “Beach Barbie, Fairy Barbie, and Ballerina Barbie $3.00” But the Super Star should be $3.00 as well! SO PRICE CHECK before checking out! I have also had a few e-mails stating that the readers are finding them on the bottom shelfs upside down. So you might have to search around a little!

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