To Do Tuesday!!

To Do Tuesday today involves the kiddos! YAY! So grab your kids, your Grandkids, your Neighbors kids, Any kids (with permission of course ) or just yourself whom might still be a kid at heart and let’s make up some G-Force Cookies! YUMMY! I found this recipe in Family Fun Magazine. If you get that magazine you might have seen it in the August issue. If you do not get that magazine I suggest you do! It has SO many wonderful family as well as homemade gift ideas! I love it! So here are some pic’s of my little girl making our G-Force Hamster cookies! You can enjoy looking at them while she and I enjoy watching that cute little Disney Movie with our cookies and milk!!
My 4 year old had SO much fun shaping the cookies and putting peanut ears and chocolate chip eyes!


  1. Very cute!

  2. The Royal Family says:

    this is very cute. I think you should swing by and link up your recipes… tomorrow at from blah to tadaa

    The Buzz

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