Weekend Win It

I would love to hear about what everyone has won this week! No matter where you won it from! Did you get anything cool?
This week I won:
1. Tithing: Trust Me In This from Sheperding Kind Hearts
3. Babies-R-Us gift card from Cristin is Coupon Crazy
4. A Tutu By Alesia from In Through the Out Door

A BIG Thank you to all of the Blogs that I won from as well as the companies that donated their products for a giveaway! Thank you !!!!

If you are a small business and I won a product from you I will be writing a product review just for fun!

I would like all of my readers to win cool stuff too! These blogs have a lot to offer. Not Just giveaways. Check them out! See the cool stuff they have! I have found so many wonderful sites and met some wonderful fellow bloggers!
If you would like to sign up for some blog giveaways Dimes2Vines has a good list of them!


  1. Hillcrest Cottage says:

    Just found your blog…how do you win so much? What do you do with the prizes? The prizes are so diverse…wondering if you can use them? Do you re-gift…sell on Ebay?

  2. Heavenly Savings says:

    I signed up for Blog Giveaways. I don't ever sign up for giveaways of things that I will not use. When the prizes are delivered I will use them in my home and then write a product review of the item for my blog. My little girl is looking forward to her Tutu and I got her Easter gift with the gift card! I added a link that you can follow to some blog giveaways if you would like to check it out!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow that is a lot for one week!

  4. I won a cake pan from Wilton. It is so cute!

  5. Heavenly Savings says:

    It is a lot for one week. I think it was because there were so many extra giveaways for Valentine ’s Day. I normally do not win anything at all so this week surprised me! But I also want to show my readers that it is easy to win! It is also fun!
    It is wonderful that you won a Wilton Cake pan! I know you will enjoy it! Wilton has such fun cake pans! I am a big fan of them!

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