Friday Feast!!!

Well it is that time again! I’m planning out next weeks dinner menu! YAY! I don’t know why but I always LOVE to plan out my meals. I get excited for new recipes I have found during the week! So here is what my Menu for the week looks like!
Saturday and Sunday we will be eating out of pantry/freezer. I always do this because we are SO busy on weekends and we need something fast and easy to keep us from eating out. We might warm up a couple cans of soup or unthaw one of my ready made freezer meals!!
Monday~ Smokin’ Scovilles Turkey Chili – I decided to Make this because it has Instant Hot Coco mix in the recipe and that sounds very interesting. So I’ll try it!
Tuesday~ I am sure I will have some left over Chili so I will make Chili Cheese Casserole! I will make a box of Mac and cheese and combine it with my chili from the night before. Poor into a Casserole dish add more onions and a can of diced green chilis and SMOTHER with cheese. Bake till cheese is melted and We will have a fast and easy dinner!

Wednesday~ Fish and Chips – Just basic fried fish and cajun potatos!! Yum Yum!
Thursday~ Chicken w/ Duck Sauce ( my hubby wont eat duck) and  veggies!

That is my meal plan! Nice and cheap with good tasting food!

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