Looking for Poster Size Picture Frames?

  If you are a reader of my blog you know that this year I have been trying to focus more on the decorations around my house and help bring each room together. I have been researching all kinds of sites and watching tons of TV shows on decorating! One of the aspects I have been focusing on the most is my walls! They are ALL plain white and very bare! I have found that posters are such a great way to add a little decoration and artwork to your walls without breaking the bank! You can purchase posters not only in prints of your favorite actor or band but also TV shows, movies and even copy's of some of your favorite artwork from many artists! Recently I even went as far as to print out many of our Disneyland vacation photo's in poster size prints to place around our house. As well as poster size prints of some of the school photo's I took of my daughter! With wholesaleposterframes.com I am able to take these awesome poster size prints to a whole new level as I am able to … [Read more...]

Hayes Garden World for your Outdoor/Indoor Needs!


Gardening is a huge passion of mine. I grew up with avid gardeners in my family and I feel like gardening is in my blood. Let's face it...there is nothing better then garden fresh produce or fresh bouquets for your house! Every year as garden season approaches I try to find new flowers to add to my garden. There are so many amazing flowers in this world and every year I find new ones I had never seen or heard of before! I also love seeing what beautiful flower combinations I can grow outside. Hayes Garden World is a great place to purchase flowers and planets for your garden but, more then that they also have all of your outdoor needs. You can find BBQ's, Garden Furniture and Garden Benches, Chairs, Tables, Cushions, Storage, Bird Feeders and Houses, Garden Accessories and Garden Care Items. I especially liked looking through the beautiful outdoor clocks. I have never thought about putting one outside but now that I have seen them I know just the perfect spot to put one! If … [Read more...]

GelPro Soft Gel Mats Review!


My Thoughts on GelPro Every day I spend at least one hour washing dishes in my kitchen. If you have been a reader of my blog for awhile then you probably know that I dislike dishwashers and I have one but it is used for storage and is not even hooked up to the water. The only downfall to my washing dishes by hand each day is the pain that I got in my lower back and feet while I was standing there. I honestly thought there was nothing that could be done about it so I have dealt with it for all these years. Recently I saw a review for GelPro and I knew that I had to give it a try. GelPro makes mats that can be used in your Kitchen, Bathroom, Utility Room, Garage or anywhere else you might be standing for long periods of time. GelPro is a gel mat that helps you to stand comfortably. When using this mat I can feel it form to my feet. The mats soft gel core not only gives me a soft surface to stand on but it is helping eliminate pain throughout my body. GelPro mats also have a … [Read more...]

Looking to re-decorate your home?


  Ever since moving into my home 4 years ago I have been trying to go room by room and re-decorate. When my husband and I moved in together we both had a crazy mix of furniture that had been handed down from different family members and all of it fitting together just does not flow! Recently I have been looking for high quality bathroom furniture to help my bathroom match! For the first time I have a bigger bathroom that actually has double sinks and I will now be able to place more furniture inside! For example check out this set.... It would be great to have a place to keep my toothbrushes, lotions, perfume, hair accessories, hand soap and more where is is not cluttered and off the counter! I also love,love, love the look of the baskets! Currently our towels and such are residing under my hubby's sink which is not allowing room for the personal care items he uses like her hair clippers, razors and such. This will help free up a lot of space and I could decorate … [Read more...]

Mohawk Rug Review and Up to $400 Rug Giveaway!


(Before) Ever since moving into my home I have hated my carpet. We have a goal in mind to have hardwood floors put into our home in the next year or two but for now I have yucky, stained up, carpet. It is so hard for me to keep carpet clean with so many kids running around all day. I love tending children and I love doing the crafts and activities we do together..but it takes a toll on the carpet...... Okay enough about all that. How can I fix the problem NOW? Well the answer to that question is easy.... Mohawk Rugs! Recently I was able to go through 10 different store web sites that all carry Mohawk Brand Rugs and I was able to choose a rug that would be perfect for my house! I knew off the bat that I needed to have a cream and and brown in the rug to help tie the colors of the furniture together. We have had hand-me-down furniture since we were married as that is another cost that we just can't afford right now. I looked for hours at rugs. There were SO many options that had the … [Read more...]

My Toiletry Bag Review and Giveaway!


My Thoughts on The Toiletry Bag As most of you know I just recently returned from an amazing Disneyland vacation with my family. We were away from home for 10 days which is much longer then most of the vacations we take. It took a lot of prep and planning and I had to pack a lot more items then I was used to packing. My lifesaver on this trip was My Toiletry Bag that I received literally two days before we left. I was thrilled when it arrived because I was wondering how I was going to get all my shampoo's and other personal care items packed in a way where they would not leak all over my clothes on the way. This has happened many times in the past where I opened up my suite case to find that something had spilled all over my clothes! The Toiletry Bag is the perfect size! It fit all my cosmetics and even my flat iron and hair brushes in the top and on the bottom there is a handy zipper and bottles where you can place your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and toothbrush. There is … [Read more...]

Xtrema Ceramic Skillet Review and Giveaway!


My Thoughts on Xtrema Recently you might have noticed a new skillet that is being pictured in some of my recipe posts! That is because thanks to ceramcor.com I have been able to review the Xrema 10” 100% Ceramic Open Skillet and Silicone pot holder!  When the skillet arrived it was packaged very nicely to help my skillet get to me safely. The skillet is nice and durable of course from being ceramic! I had never before cooked (on the stove top) in ceramic and really did not know what to expect. I was just excited to try it out and see for myself how wonderful it was. The first recipe I cooked in my new Xtrema Skillet was the Green Beans and Cherry Tomatoes! You might remember the recipe that was posted a few weeks ago! Since then I have also used my Xtrema Skillet for Fish, Bacon, Fried Rice and some tasty veggies! Each time I have been amazed with how well the skillet holds heat, food does not stick to the bottom of the pan and it wipes clean very easily! Plus the silicone pot … [Read more...]

Ozeri Electric Wine Opener Review and Giveaway!


Luck of the Irish Giveaway Hop is hosted by Mama Does It All and Deals from MS DO.  Enter to win the Grand Prize Kindle Fire sponsored by zuuzs.com zuuzs is a social shopping site where friends shop, share, and earn together. You can shop at more than 850 stores, share deals & opinions with friends, and control your own cash back rewards with their exclusive Buying Power functionality. It's free to join and have fun with zuuzs! Here at Heavenly Savings I have a great giveaway for you! How about an Electric Wine Bottle Opener from Ozeri! My Thoughts on Ozeri Electric Wine Opener I use wine to cook with weekly and at times when I need a new bottle opened it would become difficult if I could not get it open and my husband was not home from work yet. Now with Ozeri's Electric Wine Opener I don't have to worry about not being able to remove the cork as the Ozeri Opener does everything for me including a blade to remove the foil from the top! The Ozeri Electric Wine … [Read more...]

Pine Bros Giveaway – Prize Package including $25 CVS Gift Card


**THIS GIVEAWAY IS HOSTED BY A GROUP OF BLOGGERS. Who is up for a giveaway? Well Thanks to Pine Bros you will have a chance to win more then one! Pine Brothers was sold to Life Savers Company in 1930. They are known for their 'soft drop consistency' lozenges. Recently, Pine Brothers was recently transferred over to Victoria Knight-McDowell formally the owner of Airborne and she has worked very hard to find the original Pine Brothers recipes to introduce with a whole new look! Pine Brothers lozenges- can be found at your nearest  CVS, Harris Teeter, Drugstore.com and more. Giveaway Duration: 1/30 - 2/3 (Grand) Prize: - 8 pack of Wild Cherry pucks - 8 pack of Natural Honey pucks - CVS gift card for $25(blank) - Pine Bros. reusable tote with CVS green bag tag. Scavenger Hunt Duration: 2/1 - 2/2 Prize Schedule: 3 winner per day will receive the following items. 2/1 - Day 1 - One puck of Wild Cherry and Natural Honey. One bag Wild Cherry and Natural Honey. 2/2 - Day 2 … [Read more...]

Kid Basix Review and Giveaway!

My Thoughts on KidBasix Withso many harmful chemicals now a days how can you know that your childis safe. I mean is something as basic as their drinking bottle assafe as you would hope? Kid Basix knows the thoughts and concerns of parents and has came up witha safe drinking bottle for your loved ones! From the very firstbottle a baby will use to the water bottle taken to the soccer field! Ibet you are now wondering how Kid Basix is really safer than anyother water/baby bottle? Well I was able to review a Kid Basix SafeSporter and here are the amazing spec's on this bottle! Thereis a Mud Cap at the top that will allow the spout to stay clean! Thisis handy as my daughter is constantly knocking hers over and into thegrass when she is playing outside! The Mud Cap will also click intoplace on the back of the bottle so that it does not hit them in thenose every time they try to take a drink! Onething my daughter has problems with on water bottles is the spout.Her school does … [Read more...]

Ozeri Graviti Pro Electric Pepper Grinder – Review and Giveaway!

Ozeri ElectricPepper Grinder Ihave never before seen an Electric Pepper Grinder and this is now myfavorite item in the kitchen! Ok..I am easily pleased but really itis amazing! I am one that purchases Peppercorns, whole allspice, andSea Salt just to name a few! This amazing Ozeri Electric Grinder willbe a miracle worker with all three as I was grinding them by handeach time I cooked! Whenthe Pepper Grinder arrived I was not sure how it all worked! But thedirections were easy to understand in within a few minutes I had thePeppercorns and Batteries in the Grinder and it was working like acharm! I will say that there are two little wires when putting thegrinder back together that have to be matched up with the littleholes! Otherwise good luck getting it back together! But now that Ihave found that out it is a cinch! Ihave used this grinder for peppercorn, salt, mustard seed, andallspice! The only one I had a problem with was the allspice but thatwas only because some of the … [Read more...]

Oransi Ionic Air Purifier for Refrigerator Review and Giveaway!

Oransi IonicAir Purifier for Refrigerator Haveyou ever opened up your fridge and smelled that smell...the one thatleaves you sorting through everything desperately trying to find thesmell so you can dispose of it..quickly? Okay..sothis has not happened to me since my college days but still..Iremember what it was like! RecentlyI was able to review the Ionic Air Purifier for my Refrigerator! Iwas very excited as I am proud of the fridge that I scrimped andsaved up to own and it is my pride and joy of my kitchen! So when Ifound that I could use this to make it even better...well I could inno way pass it up! TheIonic Air Purifier has lots of amazing functions! Not only will itpurify the air in your fridge but also Kill Bacteria, Reduce FoodSpoilage, Prevent Mildew, Sterilize Fridge every 2 hours andNeutralize stale and foul odors with fresh air inside refrigeratorclosets! Wow! Now that is a lot of awesomeness in this littlePurifier!! TheOransi Ionic Air … [Read more...]

Cars 2 Recipes!

Is anyone else as excited for the release of the New Cars Movie as I am? Wahoo! Cars 2 will hit stores November 1st! In celebration you can download some great recipes! Just click the banner above! *This post may contain affiliate links. All thoughts expressed are my own. Please refer to my disclosure policy for more information … [Read more...]

FREE Healthy Recipes!

I am so lucky to live in an area with Fresh Produce! I love going to the Farmers Markets on the weekends and enjoy fresh fruits and veggies for my meals. But at times I am not sure how to cook with them! Here is a fun site that I have found that will give you LOTS of great Healthy Recipe Ideas! BTW When I signed up for the FREE Newsletter there were 2 Free Offers that came up! You DO NOT have to complete the offers! I just hit skip and then I was able to see all the Great Recipes! *This post may contain affiliate links. All thoughts expressed are my own. Please refer to my disclosure policy for more information … [Read more...]

10 FREE Personalized Note Cards!

I use notecards on a daily basis. Whether I am mailing out a Thinking of You or a Thank You Card! I also love having them on hand in case my daughter needs to write a nice little note to a teacher or friend. Right now Vistaprint has a great deal going on, on notecards! You can score 10 notecards with envelopes for FREE! Just pay shipping and processing which starts out around $4.43 (Thats just $0.44 per card/envelope set!!) Plus you can personalize them to be designed or say whatever you like! Mine are personalized with my last initial but I also have some personalized for my blog! With so many options to choose from what will you do with yours? Are you looking to purchase more than 10? Larger quantities (20,30, etc....) are 50% off! *This post may contain affiliate links. All thoughts expressed are my own. Please refer to my disclosure policy for more information … [Read more...]