The Muppet Christmas Carol Review!


My Thoughts on The Muppet Christmas Carol My daughter who is in 2nd grade came home a few weeks ago excited because she was going to be in her first ever play. She get's to be Scrooge in The Christmas Carol at school. She had never before heard of The Christmas Carol and I was excited to let her see it for the first time.....played out by The Muppet's of course! The Muppet's are something very special at our house. My daughter loves going to The Muppet show in Disney Land and to be honest when I seen that show for the first time a few years ago it was one of my first ever experiences with The Muppets. I feel in love with the great characters and ever since I have went out of my way to watch Gonzo, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog! On The Back Greetings, holiday movie fans and culture lovers, I am the Great Gonzo...or as I am better known to fans of this classic motion picture - literary legend Charles Dickens. Ready to laugh, cry, sing, frolic, cavort and enjoy yourself beyond … [Read more...]

Knex MarioKart Wii Building Set Review!


Knex MarioKart Wii Review!   My thoughts on the Knex MarioKart Wii Building set – This set is awesome! I am so excited to tell you about this very unique gift! This is the Knex brand MarioKart Wii – Mario and Bowser Ice Race Building Set. There are several other building sets but this one has both Mario and Bowser included! Plus the little adorable penguin as an "obstacle" in the race! This set comes with TWO motorized cars, one for Mario and one for Bowser. I know that my son would be able to describe to you in full detail all about Mario and Bowser and the whole Nintendo lot! He is a huge fan of Mario as well as Knex so the fact that they have combined the two is just simply outstanding! This building set comes with all the pieces to build a race track as well as the cars and once you put some batteries in (4 triple A’s to be exact) then you are off to the race!! It is so fun to watch Mario and Bowser go around the track and the fact that you built the track makes it … [Read more...]

The Nutcracker in 3D Review!


The Nutcracker in 3D Review!   My thoughts on The Nutcracker in 3D – I was so excited to be able to take my 9 year old daughter to this amazing event! I never would have thought that something so magical such as Tchaikovsky’s beautiful and elegant ballet, The Nutcracker would ever be in 3D and in a movie theater!! We sat in the very back row with our 3D glasses on and we had the best seats in the house! Everything was amazing in 3D….it didn’t matter where we sat actually because it was all right there and beautifully done. Had we been at that actual play, we would have missed so much of the detail! Being in 3D allowed us to see every single sparkle and move which was spectacular! The facial expressions were priceless and to see the ballerinas up close was something I had never seen before. Oh sure, I have seen The Nutcracker play before in person but this was by far the best experience I have had with this play. We were able to see the orchestra, the conductor, and the … [Read more...]

World Vision Beaded Necklace Review and Giveaway!

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World Vision Beaded Necklace Review!   My thoughts on the World Vision beaded necklace – This is a necklace that is truly beautiful and captures the true essence of what the upcoming Holidays are all about, giving to others. This necklace is very lightweight and can go with so many outfits. It can be worn long which is 22 inches or you could double it up which I love to do with mine. My daughter has wrapped it around her wrist for a bracelet. The colors are truly divine and I love that it is comfortable to wear! When you purchase this necklace for yourself, a friend or family member, you will be also helping children in need. How amazing is that?! The person you gift this to would love to know that their gift also helped children! World Vision is doing something incredible in the world. I believe it is important to show our children that helping others is what we do, year around. But especially this holiday season, and with the help of World Vision you can now choose how … [Read more...]

The Sparkle Box Review & Giveaway – Open Worldwide!


My Thoughts on The Sparkle Box By: Jill Hardie WOW! I have found a new holiday tradition that I will do for years to come! Recently I was sent a copy of The Sparkle Box for the purpose of this review. I was intrigued to read this book as I just had to know what was inside of this magically sparkly box! The Sparkle Box book is about the true meaning of giving. I don't want to giveaway the end of this book but it shows how this gift is the most special of all. There is no gift greater then the gift of giving and when you give to others you are also giving to Jesus. How special! I was also ecstatic to see that this book contains a 'sparkle box' that I was able to fold into this beautiful box you see pictured above. I also found the great LOVE sticker and the gold ribbon in my craft room to make the box extra special. My daughter will be filled with excitement when she lays her eyes on this beautiful sparkle box and just like the Mom in this book I will not tell my daughter what is … [Read more...]

A Very Thomas Christmas Review and Giveaway!


My Thoughts on A Very Thomas Christmas Christmas is in the air! It is time to start pulling out those great Christmas movies and cuddling by the fire with your family! Recently I was sent a copy of A Very Thomas Christmas for the purpose of this review. I love this time of year and the joy that I see around the holiday's. I fill my whole house up with EVERYTHING Christmas from Thanksgiving until the end of December! A Very Thomas Christmas will make the perfect addition to my holiday movie collection. It is a great movie to watch with the kids as Thomas is a beloved favorite among many. In Thomas & Friends A Very Thomas Christmas the engines are working hard hauling rock at Blue Mountain Quarry. They are working so hard that they almost forget what time of year it is....Christmas! Thomas reminds them all of the great time of year as he is in charge of hauling a beautiful Christmas tree! This makes the other engines think. Especially Rheneas who wants to surprise the … [Read more...]

Andy Z’s The Grand Scream of Things Review!


My thoughts on Andy Z’s The Grand Scream of Things   This is a very unique twist to a musical play on cd. I haven’t ever heard of anything quite like this. A cd meant for ages 8-12 is such a rare gem to find. My kids are 7 & 8 and even though they still enjoy the music they have always listened to as toddlers, they are starting to really enjoy music and books for “bigger” kids as well. I am fortunate to be able to homeschool my kids and found this cd to be a great way to incorporate a little music for the day. There are many different styles of music being played in this story. I set the kids up with some play dough at the table and put the cd on. To my surprise my kids hardly touched the play dough and within the first 10 minutes they were sitting on the floor listening to the story and using their imaginations as to what the characters looked like and playing it out in the minds. Being a musical kept them engaged with the story line, it was so fun to watch them get … [Read more...]

The Heart of Christmas Movie Review and Giveaway!


My Thoughts on The Heart of Christmas The Heart of Christmas starring Matthew West and Candace Cameron is a movie I had never heard of before and my only expectation was that it had something to do with Christmas. I am sure I am not alone when saying I absolutely love everything about Christmas so I was excited to curl up on the couch in my pajamas and have a nice cup of hot apple cider. I was ready for my movie night! I soon learned that The Heart of Christmas is based off a true story of Dax Locke, a small boy who has been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. The Heart of Christmas shows you the life of one family fighting to save their son’s life and the roller coaster ride every family goes through when facing a terminal illness. The community that the Locke family lives in comes together to show an outstanding amount of support and love in the most unique way for sweet Dax. This movie will have you heading upstairs to give your kids one more kiss, or calling your family to … [Read more...]

Celebrate with Angelina 3-Disc Set Review!


My Thoughts on Celebrate with Angelina Angelina Ballerina is one of my favorite cartoons to watch with my daughter. When I was younger I wanted to be a ballerina so I really can relate to Angelina as she makes her dreams of dancing come true. This holiday season I am happy to have the Celebrate with Angelina 3-DVD set! There are three great Cartoon's that are perfect for Christmas including The Nutcracker Sweet, Ballerina Princess and The Shining Star Trophy. You and your child will laugh and dance along with Angelina in every Christmas filled episode! On the Back The Nutcracker Sweet Walt into a land of sugar and spice with Angelina as she prepares to preform the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the holiday showcase. But when too many candy canes and a fruitcake give her a tummy ache, she learns that sharing with friends is a lot more rewarding. Bonus Features: Prima Ballerina Puzzles, Front Row Seats Karaoke Vidoe Ballerina Princess Join Angelina Ballerina and her friends … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Train Buddy Costume Review


My Thoughts on Dinosaur Train Buddy Costume Halloween is coming and it is time to start thinking about what the kiddos are going to dress up as this season. One costume all the boys have asked me about this year is Dinosaur Train's Buddy and Tiny. Recently I was able to review a Dinosaur Train Buddy costume. The kids were excited when this arrived and could not wait to play dinosaurs with this awesome new addition to their costume collection. The Dinosaur Train costumes are made with quality in mind. There is nothing I dislike more then purchasing a Halloween costume just realize it was cheaply made and will not last the night. You will not have this problem with Dinosaur Trains costumes. Another feature I love about these adorable costumes is how warm they will keep your little one. Here in Colorado it seems that every year our first snowfall comes on Halloween day. This makes for a very chilly night of Trick or Treating. The Dinosaur Train costumes are made with thick soft … [Read more...]

Fireman Sam Holiday Heroes Review and Giveaway!

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My Thoughts on Fireman Sam Holiday Heroes I can't believe how fast this year is going. It will soon be my favorite time of year...Christmas! Recently I have started to get some great Holiday DVD's in the mail and I am so excited to share them with the kids this Holiday season. One of the most recent DVD's that has arrived is Fireman Sam Holiday Heroes. This is a favorite amongst the little boys and they love watching all the action unfold with their favorite Heroes. Fireman Sam Holiday Heroes contains 5 episodes and 2 bonus features including: The Big Chill, The Pontypandy Polar Bear, Ice Cold in Pontypandy, Snowball of Doom, Floodlights and bonus features: Fireman Sam's Safety Show and Merry Christmas Everybody Music Video. Fireman Sam Holiday Heroes will be available for purchase starting October 9,2012 from this link or from a retail store near you! - But you can also win it! I am happy to say that one Heavenly Savings reader will be able to score this DVD! Just make sure to … [Read more...]

Tom and Jerry Tricks & Treats Review and Giveaway!


My Thoughts on Tom and Jerry Tricks & Treats Halloween is in the air! I am very excited to see all the kiddo's dressed up in their cute costumes and enjoying themselves. I also love all the cute Halloween cartoons that come on T.V.! Recently I was able to review Tom and Jerry Tricks & Treats. This great DVD contains 22 cartoons filled with Halloween fun.  Cartoons include: More Powers to you, Over the River and Boo! the Woods, Fire Breathing Tom Cat, Touche Pussycat!, The Flying Sorceress, Tiger Cat, Robin Hoodwinked, Jerry's Cousin, Invasion of the Body Slammers, Haunted Mouse, Trap Happy, Spook House Mouse, Bats What I Like About the South, Fraidy Cat Scat, Which Witch, Monster Con, Tomb It May Concern, Power Tom, The Itch, Hi,Robot, and bonus cartoons Ho, Ho Horrors and Doggone Hill Hog. Tom and Jerry Tricks & Treats contains 161 minutes of your favorite cartoon characters and their Halloween scares. You can purchse this DVD from this link or at a retail store near … [Read more...]

The Covered Porch Personalized Stationary Review and Giveaway! US & Canada


My Thoughts on The Covered Porch Recently my daughter had her 7th birthday and of course it was filled with gifts of all kinds. Every year after her birthday and Christmas I have taught her that is is proper to fill out Thank You cards for each person who sent her a gift. This year for her birthday Thank You's I was happy to have some amazing, customized note cards just for her. Thanks to The Covered Porch my daughter was able to mail out cards to our loved ones with beautiful decorations and her name written on them. The Covered Porch is a great place to find personalized note cards, note pads, gift tags, monogrammed stationary, pillow covers and more. Every item purchased at The Covered Porch Designs is customized just for you. You will be able to choose fonts, colors, designs and more. All of The Covered Porch designs are printed on nice cardstock and has great quality. You can tell that a lot of work and effort goes into everything that The Covered Porch has to offer. I … [Read more...]

HOP Movie Review & Screening Party!


  My Thoughts on HOP I had never seen Easters hit movie HOP before and I was excited because for my first time ever not only was I going be able to watch HOP with my family but also host a HOP party for all of my daughters friends! To start off I received an awesome package in the mail that contained HOP the movie as well as fun activities for the kids including drum sticks, stickers, and even a stuffed E.B. Bunny! I knew that these were going to be a big hit with the kiddos and boy was I right! I decided to keep the feel of the party going I would also have the kids set up to decorate Easter Egg cookies while they watched the cute HOP movie. It was a big hit and the kids had a blast decorating and eating their Easter Egg cookies! HOP is a very cute movie. If you have not seen it yet I recommend you do so right away. It is about E.B. the son of the Easter Bunny. It is fastly becoming his time to shine as the new Easter Bunny but he has other plans for his life. He has a … [Read more...]

Disney’s Prep & Landing Review!

DisneyPrep & Landing Howwould you feel if you worked at your job for 227 years and you arefinally expected to receive a promotion but it is given to someoneelse! That is exactly what happens to Elf Wayne in this new Disneyhit Prep & Landing! Disneymakes awesome films but I am sure I don't have to tell you that! Prep & Landing is no exception as you will fall in love with Wayne andLanny! They are two elves who are paired together for a specialmission but one of them is NOT happy to be on the mission with theother! Will they be able to succeed? You will have to watch and see! Onthe Back Disneypresents Prep & Landing, a spirited comic adventure, bound tobecome a holiday tradition at your home for years to come –complete with two bonus stocking stuffer shorts! OnChristmas Eve, a high-tech team of elves from an elite unite known asPrep & Landing ensures homes around the world are prepared forSanta's visit. But after working tirelessly for 227 years an … [Read more...]