Be A Jedi & Create Your Very Own Lightsaber for less than $30

If you ever wished to become a Jedi, you have definitely come to the right place. Your quest to join the world of Star Wars is just moments away, soon you could be recreating those magical moments from the Empire Strikes Back to the Phantom Menace – ok probably not on the same scale, but something very similar! What You Will Need 1ft PVC pipe for the handle-1.25” diameter $1.29/foot~$1.6 3ft of translucent polycarbonate tubing for the blade-$9.41 20 Light Emitting Diodes of your choice ($0.02 @ amounting to $0.8) Few pieces of 1/2 inch woodscrews $0.125 per piece~$1.25 One touch/ toggle switch $0.79 A pair of AA batteries and holder $4 A ply wood ½” X 3ft long $1 Black and red wires from an old radio or cell phone charger Small motor- ravaged from an old walkman Hack saw blade $1 Rounded piece of old woods-same diameter as the PVC Cello tape $0.49 Sharp Knife $1 Soldering Bit and reel of soldier- $5 Total Approximate Cost: $26.34 Step 1 You … [Read more...]

Poster Frame Deopt – Frame your puzzles and more!


As a child growing up there was always one thing that we could always count on when a holiday rolled around. Everyone in my immediate and extended family would spend the day at my Grandparents house and laying out on a table would always be a puzzle or two for us to build while we all enjoyed the day together. Puzzle building is something I still enjoy doing with my family even as I have grown older- but often times now we don't just build and tear them apart again.- we build, frame, and display. Puzzles can be a great way to find artwork that fits with your décor at a price that is too hard to pass up! If you have ever built a puzzle and tried to frame it you might know how hard it can be to find a puzzle frame that fits some of those 1000+ piece puzzles. You will find that with it is easy to find the exact frame you need for the correct size. No matter what it might be you are framing. If building and framing puzzle's is not your cup of tea then don't … [Read more...]

Klutz- Stamp Art Review and Giveaway!

Klutz– Stamp Art Inever knew Stamps could be so much fun! That is until I was able toreview Klutz's Stamp Art Kit! Klutz'sStamp Art Kit contains 1 clear block, 64 stamps, 6 color pencilcolors and an ink pad to go along with a fun book to help you withfun stamp ideas! Here'show it works: Thereare 64 fun designs you can place on the clear block that is includedin the kit! The stamps will automatically stick to the block andsince the block is clear you will be able to see exactly where youare placing the stamp on the paper. After you use the stamp you canremove the stamps you used from the clear block and switch them withnew ones that you want to use the next time! Just clean them off andyou are good to go! Inthis book you will also learn how to make fun animals such asJellyfish, monkeys and frogs as well as other fun designs and evenspace ships! You will be able to stamp these fun to make creatures onthe kit papers to make your own jungles, beach/ocean scenes and … [Read more...]

My Fabulous Look Book by Klutz Review and Giveaway!

MyFabulous Look Book Klutz Ithink every girl goes through a stage of wanting to be a fashiondesigner! With Klutz your childs dream can come true! MyFabulous Look Book will allow your child to be a fashion designer,hair stylist, makeup artist and a personal stylist! What fun! Plus MyFabulous Look Book will give your child instructions on how to drawspecific features and accessories that will make their outfitsperfect! My Fabulous Look Book contains Art Starters which are simple drawings ofbody's and faces for your child to use to design their look! Thereare also Sparkly stickers in this Look Book Kit so your child can addembellishments to their look! There are also 10 colored pencilsincluded as well as tips on how to properly color and how sharp tokeep your pencils! Thesimple sketches include a close up face, full body, close up hand,purse, dog, and a close up foot for that perfect shoe! Theback of My Fabulous Look Book contains portfolio pages where you candisplay your … [Read more...]

Klutz Twisted Critters Review and Giveaway!

KlutzTwisted Critters ThePipe Cleaner Book Youall have read time and time again how much I love Crafty Books.Especially if they are something I can do with the kids! Twisted Critters by Klutz is exactly that! Fun Crafts you can do with thekids! Ihad a package arrive from Klutz and was so excited to share these funcraft projects with my daughter and the kids I babysit! The first kitI would like to introduce you to is Klutz's Twisted Critters! It is abook filled to the brim with Pipe Cleaners and the instructions onhow to make fun critters like bumble bee's, lions, peacocks, lizardsand more! Everythingyou will need is included in this book except three common householditems! You will need a Black Marker, A Pencil and FingernailClippers! Just those three items and this book will create a world offun for you and your little ones! Mydaughter and I decided that we were going to pick out fun crittersthat we could tie yarn onto and make into Christmas Ornaments to passout … [Read more...]

Crayola Story Studio review and Giveaway + ColorStudio HD!

Pictured is the Cars should be the Cars 2 StoryStudio! You will be winning the StoryStudio NOT ColorWonder What child does not want to be in the action with their favorite cartoon hero? I know that as a child I played princess on many occasions and I now watch my daughter pretend to go on an adventure with Rapunzel or Ariel. I have to admit when the Crayola Story Studio first arrived I was so excited and actually wanted to make myself into a color book (which I could have as each kit makes 3 books) but I held back as I knew that I would have just as much fun if not more by making my daughter to go into her own story book! In my Spark Kit I was not only provided with the three amazing Crayola Story Studio Kits but also the iPad Crayola ColorStudio HD! The Crayola Story Studio Kits come in three different fun loving kits! Spider-Man will take your children away on a super hero adventure in their own personal comic book! Not only will your child enjoy … [Read more...]

Free Halloween Craft Ideas!

Halloween is coming up fast! Why not have some fun with it this year with some of these awesome Spooky, Creepy, or just plain fun Halloween Crafts! - Remember you DO NOT have to sign up for any offers to get the Free Crafts! They had two offers that I had to 'skip' to get to the awesomeness! *This post may contain affiliate links. All thoughts expressed are my own. Please refer to my disclosure policy for more information … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Train – Ready for School items Review!

Get Ready for School with DinosaurTrain Thekids can't seem to get enough of Dinosaur Train! Recently I was ableto review a few fun Dinosaur Train items! Dinosaurs A to Z Book, MegaBloks Toy, Color Wonder, and a cute little outfit! DinosaursA to Z Book – This seemed to be the kids top favorite out of allthe items. Plus I was able to incorporate it into the daily lessons Ihave with the two 3 year old boys! We are able to learn our ABC's aswell as fun Dinosaur names all at the same time! MegaBloks – Mega Bloks are great for children ages 3-6 and can beplayed with in conjunction with each Mega Bloks kit you purchase! Infact the Dinosaur Train Mega Bloks have an entire set that hookstogether and makes an entire Dinosaur Train town! ColorWonder- This is my daughters favorite! She loves to color and I lovethat the Color Wonder markers only work on the Dinosaur Train colorpaper! Hehe! No messes to clean up! The Color Wonder book is filledwith fun designs and all of your child's … [Read more...]

FREE Clutch/Coupon Holder Crochet Pattern

Looking for something fun to do this summer? All You has a FREE pattern for a fun little project! A Crochet Clutch that can work wonders for stachin' those Coupons! You can go HERE to get the pattern for this great project..BTW it say's its a great pattern for Beginners! If you don't crochet maybe it's time to try! Good Luck! … [Read more...]

Melissa and Doug Puppet Time Theater Review and GIVEAWAY!

  MyThoughts on Melissa and Doug PuppetTime Theater Melissaand Doug make and sell products that I know I can trust! Running anat home day care I often time purchase Melissa and Doug products notonly for my own daughter but also for the other kids! From craftsupplies to play kitchen equipment I know I can count on Melissa andDoug! RecentlyI was able to review the Melissa and Doug Puppet Time Theater! Thisis the most amazingly creative product of theirs that I have ever hadthe privilege of owning! Assoon as I took the Melissa and Doug Puppet Time Theater out of thebox and started to put it together I realized the high quality. Thisis put together very nicely and I am not worried about the youngerkids pulling and breaking anything on this neat little theater! Ialso loved the fun features that Melissa and Doug so thoughtfullyadded to their Puppet Time Theater! From the red curtain with its redtie backs to the 'Next Show' clock with movable hands that they areable to … [Read more...]

Gummy Lump Craft Supplies Review and Giveaway!

  MyThoughts on Gummy Lump Melissaand Doug Craft Supplies Youall know just how much I love crafts. My daughter and I have crafttime each week and have so much fun painting and learning new thingstogether. Iwas recently able to review a sample pack of Melissa and Doug CraftsThanks to Gummy Lump. My amazing Craft Pack included: ArtistsSmock by Melissa & Doug24pcTriangular Crayon Set by Melissa & Doug 3Jumbo Stamp Pads by Melissa & DougCreatea Face Pad by Melissa & Doug DeluxePoster Paint Set by Melissa & DougGlitterGlue Sticks by Melissa & DougLargePaint Brushes set by Melissa & DougMulti-ColorConstruction Paper (9" x 12") by Melissa & DougTexturedStencils Dinosaurs by Melissa & Doug Whatan exciting package to receive in the mail. I could not wait to tryeverything out and see what exciting crafts we could come up with!The first thing my daughter did was try on the Artist Smock. This issomething she has always wanted to wear … [Read more...]

Glow Crazy Distance Doodler Review!

My Thoughts on Glow Crazy Distance Doodler The first time that I seen Glow Crazy Distance Doodler advertised on TV I knew that it would be a perfect gift for my daughter. I was right! I was sent a Glow Crazy Distance Doodler for the purpose of this review. When it arrived I did not expect it to be a last forever and use over and over type of toy. I honestly thought that when you drew something on it that it would be there forever, thus making the kit finished after one use. I especially thought this because the price is $24.99 and that is usually the price for a one time use craft kit. But, I was wrong! The Glow Paper can be used again and again! I can't believe how easy this entire process is! All I had to do was hang up the paper on the wall! Then I put four AAA batteries into the pen and that was all it took! I first hung the paper in the garage because I knew that it would be nice and dark in there. Then I got all of the kids and showed them how “magic” I was. They were in … [Read more...]

Mixbook Review!

  MyThoughts on Mixbook Ienjoy scrapbooking but recently it seems I never have time. With thatI decided to start looking into digital scrapbooks because it allowsme to have my pictures printed right into the book! What a way tosave time and money! RecentlyI was able to create a Mixbook for the purpose of my review. This wasthe first Hardcover Digital Scrapbook that I had ever created so Iwas really looking forward to the entire process! I knew that if itwas easy and turned out well that, that would be the new way for meto scrapbook and print my pictures from now on!   WhenI went to I was quickly able to choose a book size andthen went through many different theme options until I found theperfect one! With Mixbook you can also create your own book without atheme but I decided on the Rad Plaid theme! This theme was generaland would allow for any types of pictures that I decided upon! Forthe pictures I went with pictures throughout this … [Read more...]

1-2-3! Textured Products Review!

My Thoughts on 1-2-3! Textured Products As most of you know I have a crafty family. I love experiencing new crafts and introducing my child to new techniques. 1-2-3! Textured Products does just that! I was sent a Sea Horse for the purpose of this review. We had just came back from a trip to an aquarium where my daughter had seen many sea horses and she was excited to be able to make one! The kit came with sequence, little plastic pieces, and really neat pink fuzz. With that she decided to make the seahorse with the sequence and then placed the pink fuzz at the bottom to look like coral reef and the white plastic pieces are little bubbles floating up around the sea horse. I loved her creative thinking and she planned it out very well! I also like the different textured accessories that come with each little kit! The kit says that it is for 3+ and I found that to be pretty accurate. That is if you don't mind messes being made as the sequence and little pieces can go … [Read more...]

SmartLab Craft Kit Review and Giveaway!

    MyThoughts on Art Lab Snap Fashion Jewelry You have all read my poststime and again about how much my family loves little artisticprojects. This is yet another one that was so absolutely perfect formy little girl and I to do together! The Snap Fashion Jewelry kitallows you to make your own fun and creative look with just the snapof a button. I mean basically that is exactly what it is! All youhave to do is take a snap, place a cloth of choice over it and thenpoof! A decorated button that can have many fun, fashionable uses!    The Snap Fashion JewelryStudio comes with a Snap Maker, 16 fabric circles, 12 jewels, Ribbon,5 bases, 2 rings, 25 snap domes plus backs, Transfer sheet connector,Tracing ring, 5ml bottle of glue, and a Look book filled to the brimwith ideas! I really like how well thiskit was put together. That is something I have always admired aboutany and all Art Lab kits is that they think of everything! Whenpurchasing the Snap Fashion Jewelry … [Read more...]