Barney Most Huggable Moments Review and Giveaway! Ends 9/24/13! #Giveaway


Barney Most Huggable Moments   Can you believe that Barney has been on more then 25 years! That is why Barney Most Huggable Moments is available for purchase! With over 25,000,000 hugs the past 25 years HIT has released Barney Most Huggable Moments 2-Disc DVD Set! It is hard for me to believe that Barney was first released when I was 4 years old! That is forever ago and he is still going strong! Barney is a character that all children can relate to and learn from. That is why I am happy to say that the young children in my home have grown up with him. Just as I did! Barney is a great way to teach your kids not only their letters and numbers but also life long lessons like being nice to each other and helping out when we can. That is why I love Barney so much. He teaches kids the values I want them to learn!   On the Back Barney brings preschoolers on journeys big and small, and reminds everyone that they're special just the way they are! He shows kids there's … [Read more...]

Mike the Knight Magical Mishaps! #review and #giveaway Ends 9/10/13!


  Mike the Knight Magical Mishaps!   The weather in my state was terrible this past weekend. The entire weekend was filled with rain shower after rain shower making it hard for the kids to play outside. The kids were disappointed by this but to be honest I was happy to see the moisture and to be able to spend the time cuddling and watching movies with my daughter! One of the movies my daughter and I were able to watch together was Mike the Knight Magical Mishaps. This was my daughters first time watching Mike the Knight so I was happy to introduce something new to her. As some of you might have read my daughter has a huge fascination with dragons right now. It seems that EVERYTHING in her life is about dragons! As my daughter started to watch Mike the Knight she was so excited to see dragons in the fun loving cartoon! Plus it is a cartoon show that is appropriate for all ages of children. Mike the Knight is shown on Nickelodeon and this DVD contains 5 episodes and … [Read more...]

Recess Music Gratitude Attitude CD Review!


  Recess Music Gratitude Attitude CD Review!   I am constantly searching for ways to teach my children in a fun way. I feel they grasp things quicker when they are in a stress free environment and in good spirits. Homeschooling isn't easy but if I can remember to keep things fun then they will work hard and do their part. We tend to listen to music a lot during the day especially in between math and language to help "readjust" our attitudes, including mine! Music has an amazing effect on people and it works for us! Being that we listen to music and use it in our daily school day, I was excited to receive the Recess Music Gratitude Attitude CD to review! This is the newest cd and it comes out today 8/27/13!   When you listen to this cd you feel as if you have a cheering squad behind you singing sweetly to your children about things that you have told them countless times but yet doesn't seem to soak in. For example, there is a song that sings about when … [Read more...]

Pajanimals Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend Review and #Giveaway Ends 8/27/13! US and Canada Only!


Pajanimals Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend   I love Pajanimals! I think they are super cute little animals and I love that they help kiddo's get ready for bed. Recently I was sent a copy of Pajanimals Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend book for the purpose of this review. I was thrilled to review this book because it is a book that the kids can interact with. Pajanimals Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend has reusable stickers that you can place around the book.   Each page in the Pajanimals Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend has a white outline that will help you to place your stickers in the correct place to add to the story. There are three pages of Pajanimals stickers that you can use and reuse time and time again! I love this idea and the interaction I can have with the kiddo's as we read this brilliant book! In Pajanimals Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend you will be taken on an undersea adventure. In this cute story Sweet Pea Sue learns what an octopus is and … [Read more...]

Limited Edition Berenstain Bears Plush & DVD Set!


Limited Edition Berenstain Bears Plush & DVD Set The Berenstain Bears were one my favorite cartoons when I was a kid. I loved watching Brother Bear and Sister Bear with their family. I am so glad that The Berenstain Bears are making a comeback with their 50th Anniversary. It is wonderful to watch these funloving cartoons with my daughter. We can't get enough!   Recently I was sent the new Berentain Bears Plush & DVD Set's for the purpose of this review. I was ecstatic for these to arrive. Not only would I be able to watch more Berenstain Bears fun with my daughter but we would be able to play with the Brother Bear and Sister Bear Plush's at the same time! Each box set comes with either a Brother or Sister Bear 10" plus as well as a DVD with over 2 hours of Berenstain Bears fun. On the Back of the Sister Bear Plush Set: Enjoy this very special Sister Bear Collection. Sister Bear is a spirited, spunky third-grader. Outdoorsy and sports-minded she also … [Read more...]

Surviving Infancy Review & Giveaway ~ Your Peace of Mind is Worth It! Ends 6/10/13!


  Surviving Infancy Review & Giveaway!!   Have you ever heard your doctor mention something important that you told yourself you wouldn't forget but later wished you could have just simply recorded their voice?! I sure have and I have to say after being sent the two disc dvd set of Surviving Infancy to review, I now have the answers at my fingertips within minutes and I can go over them as many times as I need to have the priceless peace of mind of the infant to toddler phase!  This is the best guide for parents, caregivers, friends and family of all infant to toddlers!   Let me start with telling you that this dvd makes is EXTREMELY clear that they are NOT replacing the advice and instruction of your child's doctor - If at any time you have any question or concern about your child, their doctor is still the one to seek! This is in no way a substitute for your own child's doctor!   Surviving infancy is a two disc dvd OR it also can be … [Read more...]

Get Caught Reading Month + 11″ Little Critter Doll Giveaway! Ends 5/22/13!

Little Critter Doll

    Did you know that May is Get Caught Reading Month? This is something that is new to me...but I am excited to have yet another reason to pick up a good book. This month of May Silver Dolphin Books is helping to celebrate Get Caught Reading month with a Little Critter Giveaway! From Press Release: Beloved author Mercer Mayer and Little Critter are participating for the first time this year in the Association of American Publisher’s (AAP) national “Get Caught Reading” celebrity poster campaign. Created to inspire a love of reading in people of all ages, Mercer Mayer appears in a poster together with Little Critter as they are “caught reading” an original copy of the book, Little Critter’s The Trip, celebrating the print edition’s transition into Silver Dolphin Books award-winning app, The Trip – Little Critter Reading Adventure. Posters are made available to teachers and parents for use in classrooms, libraries and other locations throughout the … [Read more...]

The Berenstain Bears 3-DVD Collection Review and Giveaway! Ends 5/21/13!


  My Thoughts on The Berenstain Bears DVD Collection I love the Berenstain Bears! They were one of my favorite cartoons ever to watch when I was a child. I love watching this wholesome family and their antics. It is a cartoon that is great for all ages and is filled with family and love. As a child I grew up with the Berenstain Bears not only on t.v. but also in books. I would flock to the Berenstain Bears section at my local library as a child so I could read about every adventure that Mama, Papa, Sister and Brother took together. Recently I was sent a 3-disc set of The Berenstain Bears for purpose of this review. I was happy to see that The Berenstain Bears are back in action. This 3 DVD Collection represents the 50th Anniversary of this cute series! Your kids will enjoy this cartoon as much as you did as a child! Enjoy!   On The Back Homework Help-  Too-Tall and the gang amuse themselves at Sister's expense by warning her how hard third grade will be and … [Read more...]

Barney: Dance with Barney Review and Giveaway! Ends 5/21/13!

image009 (2)

  My Thoughts on Barney: Dance with Barney Barney is at it again! This time he is dancing across your t.v. screen and having a blast while doing it! Recently I was sent a copy of Barney: Dance with Barney for the purpose of this review. With this DVD you will help celebrate over 25 years of barney! Can you believe it has been that long since this purple dinosaur captivated children everywhere? To me it seems like just yesterday....although I was only 4 when Barney first hit the t.v. On the Back Have a tee-riffic time where you move and grove with Barney and his friends! Join Barney and learn many different types of dance. From hip-hop to ballet to folk dance and more. And watch as his friend Jamal builds the confidence to give them a try too! Then Barney and his friends explore movement and have a ball as they wiggle, waddle, hop, and bop together! Don't miss a beat and come along for a dino-mite, dino-dancing good time! From Press Release: Episodes … [Read more...]

Hey God, I’ve Got Some Guy Named Jonah in My Stomach and I Think I’m Gonna Throw Up! Review and Giveaway Open World Wide Ends 5/16/13!


My Thoughts on Hey God, I've Got Some Guy Named Jonah in My Stomach and I Think I'm Gonna Throw Up! by Troy Schmidt, Illustrated by Cory Jones The Whale Tells His Side of the Story Have you ever wondered about how the whale felt when he swallowed a human? Just think, it could not have been easy on the whale to have a guy stuck in your stomach for days! He must have been horrified when Jonah entered his mouth..... Recently I was able to find out thanks to the review copy I was sent! In this cute tale 'Hey God, I've Got Some Guy Named Jonah in My Stomach and I Think I'm Gonna Throw Up' you will finally get to read the whales side of the story. Why has he the whale that God choose to swallow this human? What did he do to deserve this? You will have to read and find out! Troy Schmidt has written a few stories that go along with the bible stories that the kids know and love. Other stories include: Hey God, I'm Having An Awful Vacation in Egypt Thanks To Moses and Hey God, Can You Stop … [Read more...]

Chicken Soup for the Soul Raising Kids on the Spectrum Review and Giveaway – 3 Winners US and Canada Ends 5/13/13!


  My Thoughts on Chicken Soup for the Soul Raising Kids on the Spectrum   Thanks to Chicken Soup for the Soul I was recently sent a copy of their book Chicken Soup for the Soul Raising Kids on the Spectrum for the purpose of this review. A few years ago I worked as a substitute teacher. One of my substitute jobs ended up being a couple of weeks long and entailed working with an Autistic student. That was my first encounter with autism. To be honest he fascinated me. The knowledge that he had was out of this world. He just did not understand what he needed to do with all that brain power he had going on. It was amazing. Since then I have worked with and babysat many autistic children. Each of them amaze me with their knowledge! I am not a parent of an Autistic child but I do know many parents who have children with Autism and Asperger's. At times I know they feel very alone and it is hard for them to get understanding from other parents because no one … [Read more...]

Udderly Smooth Review!


Udderly Smooth® Review! My thoughts on Udderly Smooth® products – I simply have the driest hands, ever since my daughter was born I started using hand sanitizer so much that my hands would crack and bleed and now that my daughter is nine, my hands still need some serious moisturizing since my habit of hand sanitizing hasn’t subsided. Udderly Smooth® body cream isn’t flashy, doesn’t have sparkles in it, and doesn’t come in a variety of perfume scents. Udderly Smooth® body cream is just a white cream that you apply to your skin and once you do, you will see why this product doesn’t need to be flashy or mask itself with perfumes and glitter. This cream is absolutely amazing and it does its job better than I had ever imagined! I honestly cannot stand a hand cream that leaves behind a greasy feel, especially when you want to continue on with your day typing, driving, petting the dog…things people do. I do wish I had known about this product when my daughter was born because she … [Read more...]

What to Expect When You’re Expecting – The Workout Review!


What to Expect When You’re Expecting,  The Workout DVD Review!     My thoughts on the What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Workout dvd is that this is a great gift for either yourself or someone you know who is pregnant. It truly is a must have for moms who are pregnant!   If you have been pregnant before, are currently pregnant or know someone who is, you most likely have heard of the What to Expect When You’re Expecting book by Heidi Murkoff. I think it’s safe to say that it’s the book of all books when it comes to pregnancy! Heidi Murkoff now has this amazing workout dvd jam packed with ideas on how to keep your body healthy during pregnancy.   One of the great things about this dvd is that you can customize a workout that is right for you. There are so many options to getting what you need during any stage of pregnancy and they also have options for moms to be that are sitting down all day at their job. They really did think of it all when … [Read more...]

Hoo Hoo The Bear Book and Plush Review and Giveaway! Ends 4/2/13!


My Thoughts on Hoo Hoo The Bear Every child loves to read and listen to stories. I know that reading books and listening to stories is my daughters favorite thing to do. She is not alone in this as  for children books are a way for them to transport themselves to imaginary lands far far away. Hoo Hoo The Bear takes reading stories to a whole new level. While reading Hoo Hoo The Bear books they can also have their beloved friend Hoo Hoo The Bear at their side. Hoo Hoo The Bear is a lovable bear who has a song in his heart. That song lead him to a friend who needed him. Every child needs a cuddly friend to talk, laugh and cry with. A friend to take with them on their many adventures. That is exactly what Hoo Hoo The Bear is here for. Hoo Hoo The Bear is a cute and cuddly plush. He also has six fun filled adventure books that are written with him in them that your child can read or listen to while cuddling with their bear friend. Christmas Hoo Hoo Bear Don't Get a Boo Boo, Hoo … [Read more...]

iplay Raincoat Review and Giveaway! Ends 3/29/13!


  Today is one of the first days all year that I can actually feel spring in the air. It has been a super cold winter and although we did not get as much snow as we are used to I am still ready for spring! With spring time comes spring showers and I must say that rain is one of the best things ever! I love running through the rain, smelling the rain and the beauty that each rainfall brings with it. I also love super cute rain jackets which is exactly what I got when I got a toddler rain coat from! Now rain coats are not the only thing that iplay has to offer. They also offer a large array of items for the Nursery, Outerwear for fun in the sun as well as other super cute outfits for the young ones. But, I must say that out of all of those choices the raincoats are my favorite. I mean look at how cute they are. Ok, now I know that being cute is one thing. But, what about the quality. Well it just so happens that, that is outstanding as well. … [Read more...]