My Baby is 11 Months + Her Favorite is GERBER CEREAL!


  My Baby is 11 Months + Her Favorite Food is GERBER CEREAL! My baby girl is 11 months old today!! Honestly I can't believe that it is time to start planning her 1 year party! How can she be almost a year old already! Time goes too fast. I feel like we have been through so much this past year with her. One thing I have been happy to have by my side is a baby food company I can trust. One that I know wants the best for my child just like I do. Gerber is that company and they have been with me from the very beginning! As some of you might remember my baby girl was born at 9lbs 6oz but after she was born she lost a few pounds and had a hard time putting the weight back on. When she was 4 months old I was advised to start her on some infant cereals to help her learn to eat and hopefully start to put on a little more weight. Of course I turned to GERBER CEREALS because I knew they would be gentle enough for my babies tummy and I could easily mix them with my breast … [Read more...]

Hearty Homemade Yogurt Parfait for Baby Using Gerber Lil’ Bits!


Hearty Homemade Yogurt Parfait for Baby Using Gerber Lil' Bits! My daughter is finally eating solid foods and enjoying them! I love watching her face every time she eats a new food. It is wonderful to see her eyes light up when she comes across tastes and textures that she likes and are new to her. Something else that is fun is seeing her want to enjoy the same foods that she see's me eating. I know that she is watching me and she is learning from me so I want to make sure I always show her and give her the best. One of my favorite meals to eat is Breakfast. Each morning my oldest daughter and I enjoy overnight oats with yogurt and fruit. I love how hearty it is as well as tasty. For a few weeks now my youngest has watched intently as my oldest and I enjoy our oats. She is constantly crying and reaching for our food. This got me to thinking....can I make her some of the same thing? I know that she can not chew steal cut oats yet but she can most defiantly have her baby approved … [Read more...]

Baby Girl is 2 Months + My Formula for Happiness!


Baby Girl is 2 Months + My Formula for Happiness!   My baby girl just turned 2 months old. She is such a joy and blessing to our little family and I am so happy to be her Momma! As some of you might have read my little has not been putting on the weight that she is supposed to put on. She was born a whopping 9lbs 6.6 oz and now that she is 2 months old she weighs in at 10 lbs 5 oz. Not even a full pound has been gained. After several doctors appointments and such we have learned that there is nothing medically wrong with her. Her doctor feels that genetics are just kicking in and she is not meant to be a big baby. She is just growing at a slower rate and because of this we have been supplementing a bottle or two a day to help her get some extra calories and to ensure that she is eating enough. For her supplemented bottles I have turned to the #formulaforhappiness initiative by Gerber® with their all new Non-GMO Infant formula. My husband loves giving her a bottle before … [Read more...]

How Can I Correct My Child’s Behavioral Problems?

How Can I Correct My Child's Behavioral Problems?   While being a parent can engender a profound sense of happiness, it can also bring many challenges. This is certainly the case when a parent realizes that her or his child is developing behavioral problems. These problems need to be nipped in the bud before the child becomes harmful to self and others. However, many parents don't know which strategies to implement in order to correct their child's behavioral problems. If this is your dilemma, you may find the following tips and tricks helpful: 1. Emphasize Health. In many cases, poor health can trigger hormonal and neuronal imbalances that precipitate negative moods and energy deficits in children. When these realities surface, behavioral issues will often follow. For this reason, it's important that you make good health an integral component of your child's life. There are many ways that you can start emphasizing health, such as by talking to your child about the … [Read more...]

Why I’m Stocking Up On Members Mark Advantage Infant Formula


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Perrigo, the makers of Members Mark Infant Formula. All opinions are 100% mine.  Why I'm Stocking Up On Members Mark Advantage Infant Formula As most of you know I am currently expecting a baby. Just one more week and my bundle of joy will be here. Ever sine the day I found out about my baby last March I have been doing everything I can to stock up on the items I will need once she arrives. One of the most important items on my list is Members Mark Advantage Infant Formula. When I had my daughter a few years ago I had all these dreams of breast feeding only. But unfortunately I did not make enough milk to support my child's nutrition the way that I needed to. I am doing to make sure I am ahead of the game with this baby and I will have everything on hand that I need. Plus having Member's Mark Advantage 1 Infant Formula around will also help out my husband a lot on his nights of feeding our little one. So why am I … [Read more...]

Find the Right Culinary Arts School!

  Find the Right Culinary Arts School! The culinary industry has never been more competitive than it is these days. Whenever there is an opening in the kitchen of a highly ranked restaurant, they are always deluged by applications of chefs wanting to move up to a more prestigious restaurant. This will help them move their career forward, not to mention pay them very well. You may have thought about becoming a chef in the past, but you never took any serious action to realize your dream. There is no question that becoming a professional chef, like the legendary Tim Love, has a large amount of benefits. So what is the process of becoming a chef? Here is what you will need to do. 1. Choose a school for the culinary arts Before people go to college, they look at many different schools to see which ones are the best fit for them. The same thing should apply to you as you are trying to decide which culinary arts school to attend. You should start by visiting several schools in … [Read more...]

Special appearance in advance of Paddington

Special appearance in advance of Paddington DVD & Blu-ray™ release on April 28    WHAT: Anchor Bay Entertainment and TWC-Dimension are pleased to present a special appearance of Paddington Bear at the L.A. Zoo. Paddington will be available in Digital HD April 17 in advance of the Blu-ray™ and DVD release on April 28. We invite you to bring your family to take a photo with Paddington himself! For additional photo fun, there will be a digital photo booth. Activities are free with paid admission and for Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association members. Admission is $19 for adults (13-61), $14 for children (2-12) and $16 for seniors (62+). Children younger than 2 are free. WHO:               He’s come a long way, but he is here to stay (at the L.A. Zoo for the day). Come out and get your photo taken with the most loveable bear, Paddington. WHERE:           Los Angeles Zoo                         5333 Zoo Dr.                         Los Angeles, CA 90027                         … [Read more...]

Worried About Being Pregnant? Steps to Take Immediately

When you’re not expecting or hoping to be pregnant, wondering if you are can be pretty scary. After all, a child is a major responsibility, and if you weren’t planning on having one, even the idea that you could can seem like a lot of weight on your shoulders. However, you shouldn’t immediately jump to conclusions since there’s a good chance you aren’t pregnant. That doesn’t mean you should wait to find out. If you’ve had unprotected sex or you have a reason to think your birth control method failed, you should do what you can to find out right away. Check the Calendar One of the most important things to consider when deciding whether or not you may be pregnant is to check the calendar. While you may get pregnant any time of the month, knowing the approximate date of your last period can be very helpful in determining when you should expect it. Remember – you won’t get your period if you are pregnant. However, simply checking the calendar isn’t a solution – it’s just a way … [Read more...]

Donate To Help Those Stuck in Human Trafficking #FCchallenge

Thank Family Christian for this Graphic

** This is a sponsored post. However all thoughts and opinions are my own. Donate To  Help Those Stuck in Human Trafficking   Thanksgiving is just around the corner and this year I am so thankful for my family. I am also thankful that I get to help raise awareness for something that is awful. Something that takes place every single day. Something that is every mother's worst nightmare....human trafficking. Although I wish that there was not a need to raise awareness for this...I also know that this is something that happens each and every day. Something that these precious children have to live through and deal with. But on the up side I also have a way for you to help! Human Trafficking is known around the world but especially in the Dominican Republic. Family Christian Stores has partnered with Destiny Rescue to help stop human trafficking. With your help they hope to reach a goal of $150,000 to donate to helping those in need. By shopping at Family … [Read more...]

Planning the Perfect Party for Your Kids

  Planning the Perfect Party for Your Kids Your children are your whole world. It's only natural that you would want to celebrate the special moments in their lives, from birthdays to holidays and graduations. What better way than a party that allows them to share in the excitement with their friends. Kids' parties are a wonderful way to reach out to classmates and strengthen the bonds of friendship, giving everyone an opportunity to get to know one another better. It all begins with a theme. Getting StartedYou need to decide on the focus of your party. You might choose an autumn theme for a birthday in the fall, including a hay ride and bobbing for apples. Halloween parties are always a blast, creating a spooky atmosphere to really make it memorable. Go for the red, white, and blue for a pool party on the fourth of July. You can also incorporate favorite entertainers, movies, or television shows. You know your children and their interests. Use them to your advantage. Think … [Read more...]

Dangers of Distracted Driving

It's the law

Dangers of Distracted Driving I have lost three friends to drinking and driving. It was a heart breaking incident in my small town where everyone knows everyone. Drinking and driving has always been a problem but most recently that is not the biggest driving mistake that I am seeing on the news. More and more there are adults and teenagers getting in trouble for texting and driving. Many drivers think that they can handle focusing on their phone and on the road at the same time. They think that they can pay attention to both things at once. Unfortunately that is just not the case. I don't care how good of a driver you are...or how quick of a texter. It is still dangerous and should be avoided at all times. Is there really a text message so important that it is worth your life or the life of others? Many states have taken a stand on texting and driving. But unfortunately I don't think they are doing enough. Drinking and driving is outlawed in all states while texting and driving is … [Read more...]

Drunk Driving….Just Don’t Do It!

Drunk Driving....Just Don't Do It!   As a child it was common for my Dad's pager to go off. It did not matter if we were eating dinner, having a birthday party, at church or just waking up Christmas morning. My Dad was on call 24-7. He is now a retired firefighter and while on the department he was also an EMT which meant that he was dispatched to many car accidents. I can remember him coming home and telling me more then once about a car accident where he had to use the jaws of life to cut someone out. Or about how someone lost their life due to someone else's carelessness. More often then not that carelessness was due to someone drinking and driving. It is heart breaking that something so foolish can lead to the loss of an innocent life. To add to this story of drunk driving I myself also lost three close friends due to drunk driving. They of course did not think they had too much to drink....but they did. My friend was so drunk that instead of putting his car in reverse … [Read more...]

The Big Decision – Retirment Infographic – Living at Home or Assisted Living?

  The years all seem to be going by faster and faster. With each passing year my husband and I focus more and more and retirement. We want to make sure that we are financially secure in our old age. Brought to you by: Merrill Gardens Retirement Community … [Read more...]

How to Handle a Traffic Accident

How to Handle a Traffic Accident Getting in an accident is nothing that you can plan for, as it always just seems to come out of nowhere. That is one thing that almost everyone who gets in an crash says after it is all over: That it just seemed to happen so fast. They might have made a mistake that caused the accident, and they might not have done anything wrong, becoming the victim of someone else's mistake. If you ever find yourself in an accident, it is important to know how to handle it so that you can put the unfortunate incident behind you as soon as possible. First of all, you have to get out your Austin insurance card and exchange information with the other driver. This is especially important if it was not your fault because that person's insurance is going to have to pay for the damage. You will file a claim with your own insurance company, but they will then track down that other company and get the money back. Even if you are feeling stressed and rather overwhelmed, … [Read more...]

Our Five Crucial Tips To Choosing the Right Insurance For Your Family

Cute man showing something on the laptop screen to his girlfrien

Our Five Crucial Tips To Choosing the Right Insurance For Your Family With the price of gas, utilities, food and other essential bills skyrocketing, many families are seeking to find the best ways to save money. One of the most common areas that many families address is the cost of their insurance plans. To keep these monthly expenses down, the family can take advantage of these 5 critical tips when selecting insurance for the family. Read Consumer Reviews   Some people may not be familiar with the importance of consumer reviews. Though they may play a significant role in assisting a consumer with making a final decision, they can easily be overlooked during the decision making process.   Consumer reviews are idea for many different reasons. Therefore, they can be used to make all kinds of decisions including what is the best insurance coverage. In fact, top companies like Eisenhauer Insurance Inc. will display what their customers are saying about their … [Read more...]