Ways to Make Your Home More Cozy for Winter

Ways to Make Your Home More Cozy for Winter Now that September is here, it is time to get your home ready for the colder months ahead. There’s already a faint chill in the air, and this is only going to get more pronounced as the daylight hours fade away before Christmas time; that’s why now is the perfect time to do those jobs that come around each year. I’ve delegated bits and pieces to various family members, so we all have responsibilities and chores to do in the next couple of weeks. It can be a struggle to accept that the summer is finally on its way out, but by being organised you can be a little smug about how cosy your home is when your friends exclaim how cold it was when they got out of bed on that first proper autumnal day! Here are my tips for what to do next...   Fix any window and door leaks   A job for the DIY fanatic in your family; fixing the leaks in the window frames and doors can be essential for keeping the heat in and the cold out. When … [Read more...]

How to Beautify Your Home Frugally

How to Beautify Your Home Frugally   These are the times when knowing how to be frugal is really valuable. People who know how to be organized and save are lucky, because they get to do many things in their lives for a lower price than others who always wonder how money slips through their fingers. One of the things that’s really fun to do on a budget is – home decoration. You’d be surprised how much you can change and freshen up your home with very little. You just need to be organized, patient, creative and hard-working (and maybe a bit lucky at finding deals, sales and thrift shops!) Image Source 3 Ideas to Get You Started Let’s go over 3 simple tricks that will transform your home for the better. The biggest investment here will be for furniture (beds, recliner chairs, sofas), if you really need it, but there are ways to get around buying furniture and still have a “new” living room, for example. 1) Smart shopping - If you see that your furniture is old and ready for a … [Read more...]

Home Crafting Ideas


Home Crafting Ideas When you start thinking about decorating your home or making any repairs that you’ve been putting off for months, you start to wonder just how much it’s likely to cost. We’re all feeling the pinch since the economic downturn made us tighten our belts but some things we just have to spend the money on – our homes included.   Some renovations are particularly expensive, mainly because you have to get professionals in, such as having your chimney repainted or having gas fitted, while other tasks can be relatively inexpensive or done yourselves. A lot of the very best ideas come from the kind of crafts you can do by investing in a few materials and turning them into something really cool, like custom fabric window treatments that let you show your creative flair and passion for interior design. Creating your own photo frames could be something the whole family can get involved in. One person could cut the wood to the right size for the frame, using … [Read more...]

Style Definition: Make It, Wear It, Embrace It

Style Definition: Make It, Wear It, Embrace It Fashion and confidence are closely linked areas that affect each other a great deal. Fashion is often used as a way of highlighting confidence, bravery which allows the experimentation with clothes, accessories and trends and masks personal inhibitions. Most people that are passionate about fashion are confident enough to make themselves stand out with the clothes that they wear and the overall look they favour. Fashion is a reflection of someone’s personality, whether they are edgy, dainty, feminine or relaxed. It is the perfect way to describe people as the person that they are.   Personal interpretation is never more prominent then it is within fashion. They styles that are worn and the trends that are followed are the choice of the person wearing them and they have to be the most suitable choices to showcase self-expression.   The idea of personality and interpretation can be taken much further than simply … [Read more...]

Online Shopping Just Got Cheaper: The Benefits Of Coupons

Online Shopping Just Got Cheaper: The Benefits Of Coupons   Coupons aren't just for crazy people anymore. When you shop online, odds are that you can save money if you're willing to take just a few extra minutes to find a coupon code. Coupon codes are sort of like traditional coupons - online merchants use a series of numbers and letters that you type into a redemption box before you checkout. The site then applies the coupon before charging your card. Here's how to make the most of these wonderful little bytes.   Rewards Programs Rewards programs give you cash back or free merchandise for being a loyal customer. However, one of the oldest rewards programs is often forgotten in the new-age era of Internet shopping: the lowly credit card. Remember credit cards? Some of them offer cash back rewards. Guess what? The cash back option works with online purchases. Some banks have even capitalized on this by issuing debit cards that give you upwards of 25 percent … [Read more...]

Why a clean Pillow is essential to our lives!


Why a clean Pillow is essential to our lives The ugly truth of other pillows... What happens in your pillow, unfortunately, stays in your pillow. There are literally thousands of dust mites living, breeding and defecating in your pillow every day. Not to mention all the other junk you will read about in this article. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation:   "Dust mites may be the most common cause of year-round allergy and asthma. About 20 million Americans have dust mite allergy... Having dust mites doesn't mean that your house isn't clean. In most areas of the world, these creatures are in every house, no matter how immaculate. But it is true that keeping your home as free of dust as possible can lessen dust mite allergy." http://www.aafa.org/display.cfm?id=9&sub=18&cont=228.   You need temperatures of at least 130 degrees to kill dust mites. These little critters contribute to asthma and allergy attacks for the sixty million who suffer from this in the … [Read more...]

Strolling Along Without Spending Tons of Money

  Strolling Along Without Spending Tons of Money   As a mom of soon to be two little ones under the age of two, strollers have been and will continue to be a must in this household.   Strollers make it possible for families to enjoy going on walks, visiting parks, traveling and walking the mall. You want them to be versatile, light-weight, easy to get in and out of the car and, of course, not cost you an arm and a leg.   Here are some tips to save money on jogging strollers and other kids’ needs without spending a fortune:     1. Buy items only on sale - Babies grow quickly—very quickly. They grow out of clothes within a matter of months (or weeks!) and only use expensive items like car seats, strollers and cribs for a few years max. As much as you may want the latest, greatest and most adaptable jogging stroller for your little one, it’s probably not a necessity. There are plenty of new items being released each year, which … [Read more...]

5 Biggest Potential Expenses of Raising Kids

5 Biggest Potential Expenses of Raising Kids

5 Biggest Potential Expenses of Raising Kids If you’re about to become a parent, you’re probably anticipating the joy a child can bring. You may have also thought about your discipline style and how you will deal with issues that may arise. However, there’s another aspect of parenting that is rarely discussed – the financial aspect. Consider the five biggest potential expenses of being a parent so you can prepare for them to the best of your ability.   Education From the time your child starts day care until high school graduation, the costs never stop. Lunchboxes, school fees for field trips, back-to-school clothes, pens, pencils, crayons, flash drives, notebooks and more are required and they don’t come free. Assuming your child will attend a public school, tuition is free. However, if your child will be better educated elsewhere, add to the budget the price of tuition. This continues until high school graduation when he or she makes a critical decision: to enter the … [Read more...]

Tips for Cutting Entertainment Costs

Tips for Cutting Entertainment Costs Examining your spending habits isn't necessarily an easy task. As with most difficult issues, the first step is usually the hardest – and in this case, the first step is coming up with a budget. That means, you have to closely review all your expenditures, and that includes your seemingly small daily spending habits. Don't be fooled into thinking that will be easy. Often times, cutting back on those items is harder than finding ways to cut costs on the more expensive bills and items. But a few tips will put you on the path to saving money and cutting out those unnecessary small items. Less is More Small day-to-day expenses quickly add up. Things like a daily coffee, going out to eat and entertainment might not mean much to you now, but at the end of the year, those expenses could add up to thousands of dollars. Consider the following American consumer statistics from the website MentalFloss.com: $500 million: Average amount spent each … [Read more...]

Summer Fun for the Kids Without Breaking the Bank

    Summer Fun for the Kids Without Breaking the Bank   The second school is out for the summer, kids start staring down their parents with expectations of recreation. Even though the economy has put a strain on just about everyone, there are still a few ways to entertain the kids this summer without asking the government for a bailout. And, just because it’s cheap entertainment doesn’t mean it’s any less fun. Backyard Adventures There’s endless summer fun to be had in the comfort of your own backyard. Sure, it’s not a theme park or exciting vacation, but with the right amount of imagination from both parents and kids, that patch of grass will seem like a thrill ride. Water parks are expensive, crowded, and usually miles away. The backyard is not. But something backyards and water parks have in common is water. So, hookup the hoses, attach some sprinklers, and let the kids run wild. No water park slide? No problem. Slip and slides are kid pleasers … [Read more...]

Discover Some Great Ideas on How to Spend Your Weekend with Your Family


Discover Some Great Ideas on How to Spend Your Weekend with Your Family Do you want to enjoy your weekend with your lovely family? There are a lot of exciting things that you can do together with your family. Spending your time together with your family can be a precious moment in your life. Therefore, you have to do the most useful things when enjoying your family weekend. Try to spend your weekend with your family. Here are some tips on how you can spend your weekend with your family. 1. Do some family activities This is the simplest thing that you can do to enjoy your weekend. There are a lot of interesting activities that you can do with your family inside your house. You can spend your weekend by doing some exciting activities, such as gardening, cleaning your house, watching movies together, and many other interesting things for you and your family. If you love sports, you can also do some sport exercises with your family. There are some sport activities that can … [Read more...]

Have an ant problem? Take care of it now!

        I love this time of year....well for the most part. The only downfall to the warmer weather is the bugs that go along with it. As most people do, I dislike the creepy, crawly critters that walk or fly through the air. Especially when they enter my home! Last year was the first year that I discovered ants in my home. You know the ones....the small little ants that over take your kitchen as soon as they find even one small speck of food on the floor or counter tops. I think I spent more time last summer trying to get rid of ants then I did anything else. Nothing I did on my own seemed to work! Moxie Pest Control also knows how annoying ants can be. That is why they are willing to come into your home and take care of the issue before it becomes an even bigger problem. Check out their infographic below about the Army of Ants that might be overtaking your home......who knows. You might learn something new. I know I did! Ants Graphic … [Read more...]

Safety Tips For Heavy Online Shopping

Safety Tips For Heavy Online Shopping Heavy online shopping is defined as making an online purchase at least once every week. On average heavy online shoppers spend 9.9 hours a month shopping online, and spend more time shopping online than at physical stores. This means that there is a higher risk of running into fraudulent websites and scams. Here are five tips to safely shop online for those who make it a past time.   Use a Credit Card to Make Online Purchases As a heavy online shopper, it is important to protect yourself from fraudulent online stores. If you use a credit card to purchase your items, in the case that you do make a purchase at a site that turns out to be a scam, you will be reimbursed for the purchase. And if you are a victim of credit card fraud the law will protect against credit card company charges. Several credit card companies also give warranties on items you’ve purchased. Using a debit card makes it much more difficult to get your money … [Read more...]

Rooftop Gardening – A Natural Thermostat

    Rooftop Gardening – A Natural Thermostat The concept of roof top garden may raise few eyebrows today, as many don’t know about its practices and advantages. However it is a very old practice dating back to medieval periods. To be exact, in the Mesopotamian civilization in 600BC, plants and trees have been grown on terraces above the ground. During roman civilization Pompeii had similar structure known as Villa of Mysteries where gardens and trees were grown on the elevated grounds. Even during 11the century Egypt had plenty of structures that had gardens on their roof. Roof top garden is not different from any other garden except that it’s on elevated grounds preferably, on the terrace. This can also be termed as roof top farming. There are two ways of setting up gardens on top. One is Extensive Gardening where a thin layer of roofing material is used to cover the entire roof. It does not require much maintenance. Another is Intensive Gardening where entire roof … [Read more...]

5 Way to get the Garden of Your Dreams on a Budget

5 Way to get the Garden of Your Dreams on a Budget Everyone loves having a beautiful yard come spring, but it can seem overwhelming trying to fit in all these projects into a budget. The cost of the plants, seeds, tools, fertilizer and soil can really add up not to mention the additional cost of water to keep them alive. Don’t skip out on having the garden of your dreams, these tips can help you get what you want while saving money. Shop Early or Late: Just like clothes go on sale at the end or beginning of a season, so do plants. Herbs are a great item to purchase in the pre-season sales, for example basil is typically marked down come early March but it will require more maintenance to prevent freezing. In addition to these sales, many home and garden shops mark down plants as they go out of bloom, this can be a great way to get those more expensive flowers you might want without paying the high price. When you purchase these at the end of the season, be careful to only … [Read more...]