~ Keeping It Straight With Scoliosis ~


~  Keeping It Straight With Scoliosis ~   As we were in the car headed to my daughter's 10 year old well checkup we were talking about how nice it will be to meet our new pediatrician. We recently moved and so this appointment had some anticipation with it. The pediatrician came in smiling and we instantly knew she was going to be a great fit. She had to give us a hard time on our daughter's files being transferred from our previous pediatrician because it was a novel. See, my daughter started out her life fighting to survive and keeping my husband and I, the doctors and staff on their toes. She was born three months early weighing in at 2 lbs. We finally got to take her home with oxygen and a heart monitor and I never thought the day would come when she would finally be a wireless baby. Fast forward almost 10 years and we were sitting in a new office reliving her medical life history with a new doctor. The well checkup didn't go as great as we thought, the doctor … [Read more...]

I #RememberWhen my daughter spent her first Christmas in the hospital, memories I will never take for granted


 Full Disclosure: I was compensated for my time on sharing the YesVideo holiday deadlines.  All opinions and family memories are 100% my own. ~ I #RememberWhen my daughter spent her first Christmas in the hospital, memories I will never take for granted~ My daughter will be celebrating her 10th birthday in a few days. Ten years that doctors said I might never have with my baby girl. Ten years have gone by quickly but it seems like yesterday that we were praying for her to live. Begging her to keep fighting in the NICU and to stay with us.     During that time I was in a fog but what I am thankful of is that we were able to capture some pictures and a few videos. Our family wasn't allowed in the NICU to see our baby girl because of the winter season and the risk of germs and sickness that could spread. All they had were the picture and the video clips I recorded. They were not allowed to see her for her first Thanksgiving or for her first Christmas.  I am thankful … [Read more...]

The Best Homemade Clam Chowder With Bacon!


The Best Homemade Clam Chowder With Bacon!   Since recently moving to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I have had some amazing opportunities to experience the fresh seafood that is basically in "our own backyard." And coming from a town in Colorado where I was literally surrounded by mountains, I was excited to start learning and experimenting with some fresh seafood. I absolutely love living near the ocean and couldn't wait to make my very own batch of fresh clam chowder!   Luckily, my husbands father has lived here his whole life and he has been making clam chowder the same way his own mother has been making it and I feel honored in them sharing with me what they do!   The day started out with my family getting on a boat with some shovels and buckets. Oh yes, we were literally going to make our own clam chowder and that meant digging for the clams ourselves! Of course you can just go to the store and get the canned clams but why do that if you have … [Read more...]

Indonesian Peanut Chicken! A Dinner That Will Become Your New Favorite!


Indonesian Peanut Chicken!   I became a nanny at a young age to one little boy whose parents worked an hour away and were very career orientated. The little boy was 4 when I first met him and his mom absolutely loved trying out new foods and she sparked the love of cooking and baking in me. I had absolutely no idea how to cook other than boil water and make toast. So needless to say I was so grateful when they hired me with very little cooking experience! I had the desire to learn and one of my first recipes to ever cook and master was this delicious Indonesian Peanut Chicken recipe. Forward 18 years later and I now make this dish for my own family and have the ingredient list in my head. It's my go to dinner recipe when I can't think of anything else to make that is creative and my family loves it so it's a win win! If you have the spices in your cupboard already then this dish can be VERY cheap to make, most of the time all I need is the chicken and … [Read more...]

Have A Baaa-rilliant Day With A Sheep Themed Birthday!


  Where does the time go?! My son just turned 8 years old and for over a year he has been completely obsessed with anything to do with sheep! If we are walking in the store and pass by something that has a sheep on it, he will literally run to it and adore that item. It's been actually a little over the top and sometimes embarrassing when your almost 8 year old son darts into the baby section and grabs the stuffed baby lambs! But you know what? I understand that most boys this age would be into more "popular" characters and desire their 8th birthday to be an action hero themed day but my son was born unique and if it's sheep he loves then it's a sheep themed party we shall give! He loves to plan what his cakes are for his birthdays and lucky for him, I happen to love to bake cakes so I can just about attempt anything for him...I said attempt, not execute mind you! His obsession with sheep turned into a dream of having sheep cupcakes. Vanilla sheep cupcakes to be exact. (keep … [Read more...]