Summer Vacation Day 1!


  I know that I am a little behind on posting pictures from my summer vacation. But as I was going through all of the pictures today I decided to share them all with you any way! Better late then never right?   This year we decided to take a trip to Salt Lake City. We decided that Salt Lake would make the perfect trip this year because my daughter had just been baptized and she wanted to see the Salt Lake City Temple! On day #1 we woke up early and headed to Salt Lake. It was a few hours drive but we made it to town before we could even check into our hotel. So we decided to drive into Bountiful and see the temple. This is my favorite temple and I just wanted to show my family how beautiful it is. On day #1 we also decided to go to the Aquarium. Now I can say that I had very high hopes for this aquarium since we had been to the Aquarium in Denver about a year before this trip. The Denver Aquarium was AMAZING to say the least. But this one is MUCH smaller … [Read more...]

It’s Great to be 8 – My Daughters Baptism!


  It's Great to be 8 - My Daughters Baptism! Where does the time go? This year my daughter turned 8! That is the magical age of accountability. With that comes the choice of being Baptized into the LDS church. My daughter has been looking forward to her 8th birthday since she was old enough to talk. She has been planning her baptism for years and this year we were finally able to put it all together for her special day. This was the display table at my daughters Baptism. Just a few short weeks before she was baptized her Great Great Grandmother passed away. As we were choosing flowers for the display table my daughter asked if we could use iris's. They were one of our Grandmother's favorite flowers. The other flowers were Peony's. They were to represent another special Grandmother who we knew was there in spirit. The display table also had a guest book, photos of my daughter, a subway art about Baptism, a basket for cards as well as the programs. The photo's were done … [Read more...]

Phase 1 of my Kitchen Remodel!


      My New Kitchen!! Phase 1 - Ever since moving into my home my husband and I have talked about adding cupboards in our kitchen. In my opinion you can never have enough counter top or cupboard space!   Recently thanks to our tax refund check and a hefty Christmas gift from my father we were able to finally extend out the cupboards and counter tops in my kitchen. This is the first step in a long list of things we are hoping to do this summer...but I must say I was so excited to finally get it done! This is what the space looked like before. When guests would come over for dinner I would put up a folding table in that gap where we could place the food. But other then that there was just an empty gap there.... This is my husband cutting away the base board. We needed to get rid of that so that the cupboards would fit evenly with the other ones that were already there.    While my husband was cutting away the base … [Read more...]

The Fairy Hobmother came to visit + 5 Ways to Give Back to your Community!


I Got a Visit from The Fairy Hobmother! The Fairy Hobmother is at it again. This time on my blog! YAY! I was very surprised by The Fairy Hobmothers visit. It is nice to wake up to an unexpected surprise that brings joy to your heart. It also got me to thinking about ways that I can give back to others and help bring joy to the hearts of others just like The Fairy Hobmother did for me. “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~Winston Churchill 1. Look someone in the eye and smile. This may seem like a little thing. But when I make eye contact with a stranger I always give a smile. Who knows what things they may be feeling or going through that day. I know a simple smile from someone always makes my day a little brighter. 2. Volunteering - This may seem a little harder to do for some. Maybe you don't think you have the time or you don't know where to go or how to get started. Just a simple phone call to your local library, animal shelter, hospital or … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Thank You Gift Idea


Easy DIY Thank You Gift Idea Look! I found another copy cat craft idea on Pinterest! Recently I was on the lookout for another gift idea for the Primary Teachers. This gift idea is for anyone who might be released from their calling as a Primary Teacher. But, you could also use this gift idea for just about any occasion where you have someone leaving and you want to thank them for what they did. On my lookout for a great, cheap gift idea I came across these super cute jars filled with gum balls. I knew that this was the perfect idea and it really helped that I had everything except the gum balls already on hand. All I had to do was hit my pantry for the empty canning jar and my craft room for the ribbon! It was really that simple and easy. The most time consuming thing on this whole project was making the tag. I am not the most computer savvy person when it comes to Microsoft Word but I did it and I think it turned out great! Items Needed: Canning JarGum BallsPrinter Paper/ … [Read more...]

Cheap and Easy Thank You Gift!


Cheap and Easy Thank You Gift! I am loving my calling in the Primary Presidency. Recently I was given the opportunity to make up some great gifts to Thank the Teachers for everything they do. I was excited to come home and find the most perfect gift ever for these amazing teachers and I soon came across Wonderwoman Creations. Now I must say I was thrilled with all the fun stuff she had on her site and immediately feel in love with these super cute, Cheap and Easy Thank You Gifts! Now I did not do all the hard work on this one but it was so cute I knew I just had to share with you. This is my copy cat gift that I made from her site. I love how easily they came together. Plus they will fit well with anyone's emergency preparedness kits! Do you have a friend or loved one that you need to give a special thank you gift to? These will work wonderfully as a Thank You gift for any occasion. Items Needed: small first aid kit (I purchased mine in the travel section of Target for … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday! – Today’s a Big Day!


Today I have many great and wonderful things to be Thankful for. Although, I must admit I did not know how I was going to feel when I woke up this morning. Today is my 29th birthday. Last year when I turned 28 it was pretty emotional for me as I know the big 3-0 is coming up soon. Today as I woke, I felt at peace with being 29. Every age is a wonderful learning experience. This past year being 28 was a good year and I am very excited for what's to come with age 29!! Plus I get to spend the day with my little girl and my husband will be home tonight! Happy Birthday to me! … [Read more...]

My new calling + Armor of God Priesthood Preview Invites!


I recently received a new calling in Church! I am so excited for this new adventure being in the Primary Presidency. I must admit that I will miss teaching Gospel Principals but I look forward to whats to come! One of my first tasks being in the Primary Presidency was to create an invitation to Priesthood Preview. We decided on an Armor of God theme and I was ecstatic to see what I could come up with. My first thought was I wanted to find a scripture that went along with their big step in their life. Since the theme is Armor of God I found a shield clip art image from here. After I put D&C 13:1 in the shield I glued it onto a piece of blue 4x6 cardstock. Next I glued the blue cardstock onto a black notecard. The last step I needed to do was find another cute Armor of God clip art image for the inside. I came across this image. It fits perfectly with the theme! Then of course I had to add the informational text. After it was printed I cut it out and glued it on the … [Read more...]

WordWordless Wednesday – Girl Scout Cookies!


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Time for some changes at Heavenly Savings! #blogathon2


I can not believe that March with mark the 4th Birthday of Heavenly Savings. WOW! Where does the time go? To be honest when I started this blog I really did not expect it to grow as much as it has. I also did not anticipate all of the long hours that would to into blogging. I never realized how much work goes on behind the scenes and at times I feel like I am struggling to keep my head above water. With SEO, social media, pitching companies, writing articles, staying up on deals and coupons, thousands of emails a day, etc.... it is hard to keep up on the blog as well as everything else I have to do in my day to day life as a wife and mother. Recently I have been studying hard on methods to keep up in the blogging world. I am so far behind on how to 'properly' use G+, Pinterest, Facebook and twitter and if anyone looked at my email inbox you would want to run and hide as soon as you seen how many emails I still have unopened.... Today I ran across this site that talked about a … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to someone special….can you guess who?

image (2)

December is a month of holiday celebration, but did you know there is another reason to celebrate? Someone special will be celebrating a birthday very soon! Can you guess who? Here are a few clues: ·       He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on December 30, 1943. ·       He’s written and illustrated over 300 children’s books. ·      His most famous character appeared in his 1975 book, Just For You. ·      Two of the main character's favorite pets are a grasshopper and a spider. ·      He’s going to be 69 this year so that means next year is the BIG 70, so we need to start planning a BIG celebration. Did you guess? Award-winning American children’s book author and illustrator Mercer Mayer—and Silver Dolphin Books would like to celebrate the occasion with you! Throughout his formidable career, Mercer Mayer has published over 300 books using a wide range of illustrative styles, although he is probably best known for his Little Critter® and Little … [Read more...]

Another painting!


Recently I was able to paint another picture. I am really enjoying my new found talent! I never thought I could draw anything let alone paint a canvas. This is not one of my favorite paintings but it is still better then anything I thought I could ever do! Do you love to paint? What have you painted recently? … [Read more...]

My Trip to Laramie Wyoming….Congrats to my Brother for Graduating!


  So I bet some of you might be wondering where the posts have been recently! Well my little brother graduated this past weekend and so my family and I took a little trip to Wyoming to see him get his degree! It was a special time. My brother has been at this college for the past 4 years and sadly this was the first time I ever drove the 6 hour road trip to visit him. Of course my first road trip had to be a snowy mess...but hey....I live in Colorado so I am supposed to be used to this right? Colorado needs this snow badly..but it was not fun to drive in.... Here is my hubby and I during our little Vacation.... Congrats to my little brother Travis! I am so proud of you!!! … [Read more...]

Elf on the Shelf Day #7


  Oh No!! Our Elf had to jump from his rocket before it crashed into the Christmas Tree! Would you like an Elf on the Shelf of your own? Check them out HERE! It is a great tradition to start with the kids! Looking for more Elf on the Shelf Ideas? Visit my Ideas Page HERE! … [Read more...]

Elf on The Shelf Ideas…..Day #6!


Elf on The Shelf Ideas…..Day #6! I guess someone wanted to build himself a house.....and he got stuck! Would you like an Elf on the Shelf of your own? Check them out HERE! It is a great tradition to start with the kids! Looking for more Elf on the Shelf Ideas? Visit my Ideas Page HERE! … [Read more...]